Residential Fencing

Some people enjoy privacy and choose to fence in their property to keep others out.  Maybe you have a beautiful lawn that you don’t want passersby stomping on or having their pets walk on.  Some people just like the idea of a nice white picket fence to complete the classic American dream. Others have children and animals they would prefer to keep within set parameters so they don’t wander off.

Whatever the reason, you’re interested in fencing your home.  There a lot of different types of fences to choose from, and it’s important to remember that there’s more to it than just aesthetics.  Let’s take a look at some popular fence types and what they have to offer. Often times it is best to leave it up to the professionals and save time and peace of mind. Do your research and find a reputable fencing company like Evergreen Fence-Deck.

Wood Fencing

In America, this is the most popular type of fence for residential use.  These tend to be taller fences that offer the most privacy. In addition, wood gives your home a very warm and natural feel.  There is a lot of easy customization here and wood is overall a more budget friendly and environmentally friendly building material.  You can easily have your local hardware store cut to your specifications to have the perfect height for your needs. Wood is also a very durable material and your fence will easily last the lifetime of your home.  The quality of the fence does depend on the type of wood you choose, so we do suggest doing a bit of research on sturdier cuts. A wooden fence can conveniently be painted and repainted as your style and home changes.  A quick coat of paint or polish will keep it looking beautifully new.

PVC/Vinyl Fencing

This type of fence is a simple replacement for wooden fencing.  Whereas wood fencing will take more time and effort to install, this offers a faster and easier solution, with a similar look.  There’s no cutting, measuring, or ensuring that each piece matches. Everything is preset and ready for installation. PVC is a lightweight material and some of these types of fences are hollow on the inside, affecting its sturdiness.  Pieces can easily break off or crack with heavy or hard impact, so beware of possible upkeep. However, if you live in a suburban area, these fences do hold up well against the elements and tend to be maintenance free.  Vinyl comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs, which really helps find the perfect fit for your home’s style.

Chain Link Fencing

This type of fencing is extremely common, especially for apartment buildings.  They don’t really offer much privacy, and provide the very basic functions of a fence with no frills.  If you’re looking for something to add style or aesthetic to your home, this may not be the best option for you.  However, if you’re just looking for minimal fencing, this is an extremely economical option. Not only is it cheap, but this material is extremely durable and requires little to no maintenance.  If you are concerned with budget, but are not happy with the look you’ll have, many homeowners spruce these fences up by adding some shrubbery or running vines. This not only helps the fence look appealing, but it also helps offer come privacy.  

When deciding on the best type of fencing for your home’s needs, it’s important to consider what your main goal is.  Are you trying to keep prying eyes out?  Are you looking for something beautiful that will add to your property value?  Are you simply trying to keep your pets or kids in a safe, enclosed play area? Are you just trying to keep people off your lawn? 

If you decide that all you need is something basic and durable, that you can put up and completely forget about, we’d recommend going with chain link.  However, if you want something that will be gorgeous over time, may require some maintenance, but can be completely customized so you get exactly what you’re looking for, some beautiful, natural wood may be the way to go.  If you want something in between, well, you’ve got PVC/Vinyl to consider. Whichever of the three, they are all fairly budget friendly and will give you what you need.