Replacing Your Roof in Omaha

There are several tips that a roofing company in Omaha can help with when they are replacing your roof.


The first tip is to remember that price is not everything. Even though you are going to want to save some money, you want to think more about the value of the roof repair and the return on the investment. This means that you will need to think about a fair price on the quality of the products that you are getting and the installation of the roof. If you are getting an estimate, make sure it covers all of the aspects like the ventilation, fasteners, protective coverings, flashing, and the permits and inspections.


The second tip is to know the lingo when it comes to the size of your roof. When the roofing contractors measure your roof, the estimate will be based on the number of squares of the roofing material that they are going to need. A square is the amount of the material that will be needed to cover 100 square feet of your roof. Therefore, if you 2,000 square feet of surface area that needs to be covered, then it will take 20 squares.


The third tip is to ask about the ventilation that they are going to be using on your roof when they are replacing it. This is one of the biggest things that will help to contribute to the life of the new roof. Making sure that the new roof system has the ventilation that it needs can help to elevate the temperatures inside of the attic during the summer months and reduce the amount of moisture buildup in the winter months. Therefore, you need to ask them what type of venting that they are going to be using on your new roof.


The fourth tip for a roofing company in Omaha is to make sure that the wood underneath the shingles is also repaired. This means that the contractor will need to do more than just removing the old shingles because the wood will need to be repaired. It is important that the contractor addresses this issue and allows for all of these repairs to be done inside of your agreement. It is never a good idea to put new shingles over the faulty wood because it means that the new roof is not going to last you as long as it should.


The fifth tip is to make sure that after the work is done that you have the roof inspected. If the new roof system is functioning the way that it is supposed to, then it will be able to protect you and all of your possessions for many years to come. You will need to discuss what an inspection consists of and how the contractor will make sure that the new roof is completed the way that you want it to. Most of the time, the contractor will provide an independent inspection to help give you peace of mind when the roof is done.


The sixth tip is to make sure that you find out everything that you can about the roofing contractor. You want to make sure that the contractor is licensed and bonded. The contractor will need to have the right insurance in order to do the job that you want them to do. It is a good idea if they are able to provide a warranty on the materials and labor that they do. They should be able to follow all of the codes and regulations for the region that you live in.