Recommended Programmable Thermostat Settings for Your Home Comfort

We all know thermostat settings for both energy saving and home comfort are critical to any homeowner. However, nearly 90% of Americans affirm that they’ve rarely or never programmed their thermostat since they’re not sure how to perform, according to a study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.

Actually, there is a simple solution; that is, to adjust your best programmable thermostat following your preferences, habits, and the temperature outside. So, which suggested temperature setting can offer you with personal comfort and will it be cost-efficient at the same time? Down here to know more!

Recommended programmable thermostat settings

Most of the programmable thermostats come with a pre-programmed setting that’s believed to be suitable for the typical American family. It includes:

  • Wake Time is the time you usually wake up. The device will cool your house before the time you set to guarantee that it feels comfortable when you’re awake. An excellent setpoint temperature is often 720
  • Sleep Time is the time that you regularly go to bed. And to save energy, the best way is to set the temperature at least 40F warmer than the outside temperature in the evening.
  • Day Time or Leave Time is the time you leave home for work or other responsibilities. During this time, the programmable thermostat will keep your house warmer to save energy. It’s best to adjust at least 70F than the
    “Wake Time” temperature setting.
  • Evening Time or Return Time is the time that you are home from work. The device starts cooling the house in advance so that you feel comfortable when you are home.

Aside from understanding each feature to use well, you need to know a proper temperature to set in each season.

For example, it’s suggested that you need to set your house’s cooling system to 780F when you stay home during the warm weather. If you’re going to leave the house for up to 4 hours, remember to increase the setting of 880F. According to a statistic, when you set your programmable thermostat over 780F in summer months, you might save about 6-8% off the home energy bill for per degree.

In a word, maintaining the home’s temp slightly higher and availing the best settings for summer and spring can finally help to save your money.

How about the winter? Well, the recommended programmable thermostat setting needs to be regulated at 680F during the daytime. According to, turning this device lower by 10-150F for 8 hours per day will save the energy bill about 5-15% per year.

Especially, you also notice your family’s personal comfort preferences to adjust the temp ideally. The best way is to lower the temp while you’re going to bed. It’s because some realize that it’s comfortable to sleep in a cool environment and using winter blankets to control warmth at the same time.

Small timing tips to remember

If you want to create the best set-it-and-forget-it cooling and heating schedule for your home, you can consider some suggestions below.

  • Turn on air conditioning or heat 20-30 mins before you come home every day.
  • Turn off air conditioning or heat 20-30 mins before you leave home every day.
  • Increase cooling or heating about 30 mins before waking up every morning.
  • Reduce cooling or heating about 1 hour before going to sleep every night.
  • And don’t forget to spend time tweaking the program for a couple of days to guarantee that it still works correctly.

In a word

Some prefer a home that is warm while others want a cool environment. If you haven’t been managing the temp settings up to know, you need to read our recommended programmable thermostat settings instantly. It’s because these settings will offer you the great comfort you want in your house. More importantly, adjusting your best wifi thermostat definitively saves your money in the long run.

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