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The metal coat tree will look good in styles: classic, Provence, hi-tech, minimalism, loft. Important: the most popular colors of metal hooks are chrome, black, gold, brown.Chipboard models will cost less than wood. but this material is toxic. A safer material choice isMDF, but has a higher cost.

Plastic stands out among other materials with a variety of design solutions but loses in strength. Plastic hangers are the best option for summer clothes, children’s things. There are combined products when the base is made of wood, and the hooks are made of metal. Another option isthe combination of metal with plastic. As a result, the advantages of different materials are used, and their disadvantages are levelled. Have a look of these Coat tree products for you.

In addition to these materials, you can find different original solutions, for example, deer/ elk/ red deer horns or tree branches. Have a look of these deals of unique rope hooks rack&field-asin=B07H3X2HVD.


  • For the Baroque style, an elegant metal floor model of elegant lines with gilding is suitable. In a classical interior, a stricter wood model would be appropriate (often a wall-mounted version with a rectangular or square panel). If the coat rackis floor-standing, then it can be decorated with carvings and have curved legs.
  • In the hallway, decorated in a rustic style, you can install a roughly treated wooden wall hooks or even branches made of wood with a natural texture and knots. The panels of many wall patterns in the style of Provence are decorated with floral ornaments. An attractive solution would be a forged metal hooks.
  • The hook, made in the Art Nouveau style, is distinguished by original, fanciful shapes. For the manufacture of such models plastic and metal are used. But the high-tech method is characterised by simple forms. These hooks are made of metal (sometimes with glass parts).
  • Most short forms have hooks in the style of minimalism: they are usually hooks, having the appearance of balls or sheets or simple wall slats without decor.


To increase the functionality of the coat treeand thereby save space in the hallway, the hallway treecan be equipped with a section closed with a door (protecting individual things from dust and prying eyes), a shoe section, an umbrella compartment, shelves for hats, boxes for gloves, keys and other small items, as well as a mirror.

Many coat treesare equipped with wheels that facilitate the movement of the structure. Sometimes the design allows you to remove the rollers (for example, when they break) and put a coat tree on the legs.


When Choosing a coat tree, you should check its strength and stability for it to be enough to hang a few things on it. Pay attention to the quality of the varnish and the reliability of the joints and fasteners (for hanging models).

  • Also, inspectthe strength of the hooks – if they bend, then this model is not worth buying. If the coat treeis equipped with wheels, then make sure they are strong and rotate freely.
  • If there are plastic tips on the hooks – they will not allow clothes to slip off the hook.
  • Pay attention to the maximum load that the coat tree can withstand. If it is exceeded, the product may break.

Remember: the more clothes are planned to be placed on a coat tree, the stronger it should be.

When choosing a coat tree size, pay attention to have enough room in the hallway for convenient removal / donning of outer clothing.

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