Proper Food Planning When Entering a Food Business

Entering the food business needs the right planning. Not just because you have perfected your mother’s recipe does not mean you can be successful in selling them to all your neighbours. In order to gain more profit, you need to create the right strategies, implement them, and deliver your customer the best service you can possibly give them.

One common problem for those who are just starting in the food business is where to set up their kitchen. Mostly, they start out on their own home kitchen. However, they know they can’t use it forever. To grow their business they will need to rent a commercial kitchen to help them expand.

Aside from having a good place to work, it is necessary to have the right plan. Here are some ways that can guide you:

Market Your Services

Research. If it is possible to hire a marketing consultant, hire one especially if you do not have the skill or time to accomplish everything. What you will need to find is who your competition are, their sample menus, where they get their booking information, and if they are offering the same products as what you already have.

Contact venues. You also need to establish yourself with popular venues and provide them with your sample dishes and quotes. Make certain you know the lists of events they are offering and if you can also offer food to their clients.

Reach out to more partners. In order for your food business to succeed, you will need to build relationships. It is going to be difficult to succeed on your own, but if you contact other agencies such as rental agencies, event planners, photographers, florists, and so on, and build relationships with them, they may contact you if there are upcoming events that may need your services.

Commercial Kitchen Hire

Although you are busy creating a great plan for your business to succeed, do not forget the place where you are going to set up your business. It is most common to find a commercial kitchen hire as it is a more practical solution. You need to find a commercial kitchen that is easily accessible to places where you need to deliver food.

Also, when you rent a commercial kitchen, you will be able to customize and design the place and get the equipment that you need for the proper production of your food establishment.


Dephna Group is a family run enterprise and is known for providing state of the art kitchens and cold room spaces to various businesses. Servicing their clients for more than 40 years, they are now the oldest and largest provider of commercial kitchens and refrigerated cold room spaces in London.

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