Practical Kitchen Cabinet Replacement Tips

There are many reasons why kitchen cabinets are replaced by homeowners or property managers. Apart from them being damaged, one of the reasons for kitchen cabinet replacement is remodelling. This is especially true for property owners like you who have old homes or kitchen areas. For such a project, having an idea of reliable cabinet makers in Perth is advantageous. 

However, if you are thinking of having a DIY project when it comes to kitchen cabinet replacement, you should take note of these important steps. This might not be the most exhaustive list, but these are essential steps to take note before you proceed with any cabinet replacement in lieu of calling expert cabinet makers in Perth. 

Content Removal

Although this suggestion is quite obvious, there are still instances that homeowners or property managers neglect this step. They would simply want to remove the whole cabinet along with its contents thinking it would be quicker. However, not removing the contents in the cabinet, especially plates, bowls, and other knick-knacks may lead to costly damages. You should not sacrifice your valuables simply because you think it will make things faster. 

Component Ordering

Before you start removing kitchen cabinet components including cabinet doors and drawers, you should make sure that you have already ordered a replacement. Before starting any kitchen cabinet replacement project, you should scout first for a reliable supplier who has the things you need for such a project. Choose a supplier that can easily provide you with components that are the right size, colour, and even finishing. 

Hardware Removal

For old houses with worn out, damaged wooden kitchen cabinets, there are some designs or attachments that are unique. Knobs, for example, can be recycled or reused for the new wooden cabinets. This would be very ideal if you have well-designed knobs. 

Waste Disposal

Similar to other house chores or indoor projects, you should be prepared for the dirt and debris that come along with such a project. For that matter, you should prepare proper waste disposal bags or bins. Some of the commonly disposed cabinet components would include but not limited to old doors, drawer fronts, and hardware. 

Proper Measurements

When it comes to the replacement of cabinets, especially those in the kitchen, it is a must that you should have the proper measurement. There is nothing more frustrating than ordering cabinet doors and other components that are not of the right size. To have a seamless transition, starting from the ordering up to the installation of the new components, you should take the proper measurement and you should do it twice just to be more precise with the measurements. 


In relation to estimates, you should also consider the timeframe necessary for the completion of your kitchen cabinet replacement project. If you are planning to have a DIY kitchen cabinet replacement, then you should allot ample time to start and finish the project. Depending on the size of the cabinet in your kitchen and the intricacies involved, you might be needing two to four days to complete the adding of new cabinetry to your kitchen. 

Kitchen Layout

You need to understand that complete kitchen cabinet replacement may be complicated or simple depending on your kitchen layout. If you lack the skills and experience of basic carpentry or cabinetry, you should fully take into account the layout of your kitchen before proceeding with any replacement work. The lack of skills, proper tools, and experience, will not only delay the process, but it may also result in faulty or poor cabinet installation. 

Benefits of Calling The Pro

Those are some of the things you may have to do and prepare if you are planning for a DIY kitchen cabinet replacement. However, if you want to save time and effort, you may also choose to call professional cabinet makers in Perth for help. 


By allowing experts to perform the cabinet replacement work, you will surely save time. Instead of having to do the pre, actual, and post kitchen cabinet replacement tasks, you will have more time to do other important tasks or chores.


When experts will perform such a project, they have the connections and associates who can provide them with the materials at a discounted price. Some of these professionals even have their own supply of cabinet materials which you may need for your specific cabinet replacement project. 


Perhaps the most obvious reason why you should rely on expert carpenters and installers of the cabinet is the quality result. When it comes to such a project, they have the tools, experience, and materials necessary to provide you with the best result, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Depending on its layout and intricacy, you may need more than just a YouTube video or online tutorials to achieve the best result for your kitchen and property in its entirety. 

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