Plan your Perfect Living Space with the Papa Bear Chair

One of the most renowned Danish furniture designers, Hans J. Wegner has been deemed the forefather of the Organic Functionality style. This modernist approach directs attention mainly towards the human form and functionality and the Papa Bear Chair is no exception to this amazing concept. Recognized worldwide as a popular furniture choice in the mid to late 20th century, this Danish beauty is still highly desired. You deserve to reside in a beautifully adorned home, one which reflects your idyllic preferences and so we’ve generated a few ideas to help you achieve your dream home:

  1. A welcoming air of formality:


The oversized quality, expansive arms, soft foam seat cushion and natural fiber providing a load of extra padding make the Papa Bear Chair an asset in a contemporary setup. The idea above takes a slightly different approach whilst still delivering on style, functionality, and refinement all in a single living space. By keeping the backdrop slightly darker on one side but illuminated on the other, with the chair situated in between, you can bring together an edgy balance that evidently imparts an ageless charm. The entire scene stays serene because of the peaceful nature of this chair.

  1. Make the most of any corner:


If you are looking to establish solidity and elegance with the confines of any room then the Papa Bear Chair is the answer to your demand. The clutter-free design featured above is a result of the genius ingrained within Hans comprising of a distinctive form and highly durable construction. The magnificence of this seating arrangement is magnified by the bare backdrop and halo of light cast by the paned windows. The engraved wall pattern alongside the sole floral vase prevents the room from seeming lifeless whilst augmenting the splendor of this chair.

  1. Create a face to face arrangement:


By arranging the Papa Bear Chair face to face from each other within a shared space makes the conversation flow easily whilst keeping each together within easy reach. By keeping the seats facing away from the artwork will result in the defining of the conversation area apart from the rest of this seemingly open layout. This was the first fully upholstered post-war chair piece and the example above pays testimony to this era. Here we can see a subdued and muted color palette that shows off the handsome craftsmanship of this article. The sole chromatic lamp accompanying this pair matches well with the stems of the chair.

  1. Simple and tidy:


The Papa Bear Chair as seen above is really the result of true brilliance as it enlivens any space it is placed within. The streamlined appearance of this chair within this clean, crisp setting, with matching whitewashed flooring, ottoman and the painted balcony rail defines a well-structured, compact and highly orderly yet overall welcoming location. This whole getup emits a holistically balanced aura, tempting residents to sink into its plush form.

The distinctive Danish high wing-back seat is a wonderful portrayal of mid-century characteristics which is highlighted even more so by the contrast provided by the black shelf and mosaic art piece. If you’re looking for a quiet moment in a beautiful room then this blueprint will work wonders for you.

  1. Cultivate the perfect minimalistic alcove:


Although the Papa Bear Chair is relatively large and imposing in nature, it can still pose as a minimalists dream come true due to its trim and unembellished design. Engineered with superior foam, it acts as the sole provider of a cushioned seating, superior shape, and support, with durability and aesthetic all jam-packed into a simple yet gorgeous décor piece. To create a more lighthearted aura for a productive little corner for yourself, pair this with as little as you can.

Pictured above you will observe the unostentatious side table, mounted with charming candles, a single clock in the back and a completely blank canvas for you to build on as you please. The best part about this set is how even though the room is very spacious, the enormous dimensions of this piece prevents the room from feeling too void.

The Papa Bear Chair is such an entity that it doesn’t take too much effort to come up with ideas when it comes to placing it within your home. However, we know how daunting it can be to come up with layout ideas, so the illustrations above have been put together for you to relieve you of any dilemma you may face.

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