Owning a House or a Luxury Villa in Barcelona

It is said that 2020 is the year to invest in houses for sale in Barcelona Spain, ​​so do not wait any longer to become the owner of the property you have always dreamed of. Whether it is your own residence or a rental investment, the choice is wide. Plus, there are also many luxury villas for sale near Barcelona. But beware, there are things to know imperatively before you buy house in Barcelona.

Before Purchasing a House or a Villa in Barcelona

Before any real estate purchase, it is obviously important to be well informed on the market prices, the offers, the taxes, your budget, etc. It takes about 12% more on the purchase price, to cover the costs of lawyer, notary, registration with the regime of real estate, etc. Make in advance a selection of the luxruy houses and villas for sell you want to visit, and set up an appointment with your Barcelona real estate agency or directly with the owner to organize your visit schedule.

When you buy house in Barcelona, the notary does not check the documents or the good performance of a contract during negotiations, he is just there as an administrative agent. It is imperative to enlist the services of a lawyer, he will really advise you, inform you, on the villa for sale Barcelona you wish to acquire. Contact a specialized lawyer, preferably independent so that there is no conflict of interest with the seller. Once it is done, you can see all the houses for sale in Barcelona that interest you

Prerequisites when Purchasing a House or a villa for sale Barcelona

You have first to open a bank account in Barcelona to deposit the necessary funds for your property purchase after comparing the most attractive houses for sale in Barcelona Spain and also the luxury villas for sale near Barcelona that meet your conditions best. You can ask you real estate agency about how to open a bank account in the Capital of Catalonia. It is also mandatory to have the NIE (Foreign Identification Number).

Buying a House or a Prestigious Villa in Barcelona

Be careful, official sale commitment does not exist in Spain, it is mainly done verbally, so you have to be reactive and up to date with the latest houses for sale in Barcelona available at lower prices on the market. When signing a reservation, do not pay more than €100 because if you later withdraw, you will lose this amount. 

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