Overlooked Landscaping Statement Pieces

Landscaping for your home or your office is about the presentation, and how you use that presentation to make a statement. Whether you’re looking for sleek and elegant materials to work with or you’re trying to refresh your yard without breaking the bank, there are a few things you might not have considered which can really make or break your design. 


Sculptures have a long and storied tradition in landscape design, but they’re often overlooked these days in favor of mown lawns and mulched flowerbeds. Don’t rule sculpture out just because you don’t like lawn flamingoes. Garden gnomes are all well and good, but perhaps a handcrafted metal sculpture is more your speed. Whatever your aesthetic, there’s a sculptural piece out there that will provide just the right focal point for your landscaping. 


Remember that lighting can be, in and of itself, a statement. It draws attention to the features you’re most pleased with and pulls attention away from things you don’t want to highlight. It also provides a functional, practical safety feature for your outdoor space.


Remember that just the right planting can be a statement. Not that there’s anything wrong with a mown lawn or a simple bed of flowers, but try to think outside the box. A small tree with beautiful flowers or colorful foliage might make the perfect focus for your landscape design. What about a pot of unusual or exotic flowers to spice up your design? Even a functional garden of peas and carrots makes a statement of a totally different kind.

Harmonious Design

Whatever you choose to do with your landscaping keep in mind your end goal. Your landscaping is about presentation and the statement you want to make. It should suit your needs, and please your eye first and foremost. Whatever statement piece you’re considering, it should blend with and enhance the rest of the landscaping.

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