One Foot in Tradition and One in Modernity- Getting the Balance Right in Your Kitchen

It is very obvious that you get utterly confused when it comes to choosing the right kind of décor for your kitchen. Just like any other area of your home, your kitchen is also the reflection of your personality.  So, when you are designing the interior of your kitchen, you must ensure that you are doing it while keeping your personal touch intact.

Now, when it comes to the dilemma between tradition and modernity, as a homeowner it is only natural that you will feel overwhelmed. That is why you must make sure that you are choosing the route for your kitchen interior designing that will make the process enjoyable for you, not causing stress. And for that, you must think of getting the right balance between these two themes. Are you wondering how you will be able to strike that balance? For that, you must take a look at the following points to know more.

The Balance Between Aesthetics and Functionality

This is the most crucial part of designing your kitchen. In doing so, the biggest asset can be your kitchen cabinetry. If you think of the blueprint of your kitchen you will realize that kitchen cabinets are the most predominant part of the space, occupying a large part of the wall and floor space. So, when you are deciding a theme, the cabinets should go along well with it. Hence, if you are trying to balance these two poles, go for something natural which will ensure traditional beauty and modern functionality. How? Opt for cherry kitchen cabinets. Naturally dark cherry wood will be a durable choice offering maximum longevity as well as utmost functionality. On the other hand, the sophistication and charm of dark cherry are undeniable.

The Right Contrast

Introducing contrast in your kitchen can be a great idea to add a feel of traditional warmth and cozy feeling. A kitchen is a place where you are going to share some really memorable moments with your loved ones. So, when you are doing so, think of adding a perfect contrast. Cherry wood is a dark shade which becomes darker with time and aging. Hence, if paired with a neutral or lighter shade, it can make the kitchen look like just out of a photograph in a glossy magazine. To add depth, think of traditional designs for cabinet doors instead of the plain hardwood.

Conventional Accessories

Even though accessories are not a very prominent fixture in your kitchen, yet to create a perfect aesthetic appeal and complete the design, the play a vital role. So, for such a kitchen design, choose the conventional accessories instead of modern ones. Stay away from sleek handles and invest in brass and bronze handles and knobs. While choosing a faucet, follow the same rule. Refrain from throwing in some random colors. In fact, while choosing the backsplash, go for the less dramatic way. Balance it with a traditional countertop.

So, now as you know how you can maintain a perfect balance between tradition and contemporary charm and design a beautiful space where you love to cook and eat, then what are you waiting for? Hire a designer and shade your ideas with them.

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One Foot in Tradition and One in Modernity- Getting the Balance Right in Your Kitchen

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Are you wondering how you will be able to design a perfect kitchen that will be an amalgamation of tradition and modernity? Read the blog for inspiration.

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