Mosaic Modern Art: The Makeover Your Pool Needs Urgently!

What does your pool need before you open it for the next summer? Aside from the ubiquitous cleaning and chlorinating, you can consider retiling your pool to upgrade its looks. Statistics show that homes with mosaic pool-art sell at higher prices compared to neighboring homes with similar pool shapes and sizes. 

Why don’t we add mosaic art and tiles to pools more often?

Why do people shy away from tiling their pool or adding mosaic pool art? There’s a good chance that these words remind them of the dismal community swimming pools and school pools that had those grim white, blue, or green tiles. They did very little to hide the scum floating on top and never contributed to the aesthetics of the pool.

On the other hand, the modern high-end mosaic pool art options can elevate your pool and the poolside so much so that this summer your poolside will become the party central for adults and kids alike. Your pool art can be as big as your imagination. Mosaics can feature mandalas, ethnic designs, Aztec-influenced art, or galaxy-like patterns under the crystal-clear water. You can transform your everyday pool to a five-star experience for yourself, your family, and the guests.

How to make pools with mosaic art look more fabulous?

One way to add some extra charm to the mosaic pool art is by installing the correct lighting fixtures above and underwater. If you are skeptic about investing in premium lighting for your pool, since the mosaic will cost you a few bucks, just imagine swimming while looking down at the mysteries of the universe every time you take a dip.  

If you have children, the pool can become the cool cooling zone during the entirety of the summer. Adding warmers or an enclosure will keep your awesome swimming pool open for even more awesomeness throughout this year and all the years to come. 

These are all add-ons to make a mosaic pool cooler! In reality, when you have the right team of contractors and the trendiest mosaic patterns, you need little to enhance the appeal of your swimming pool. For reserving the attention of your guests to the mosaic, you can add stone facades to the poolside. The bold yet sophisticated style of a stone laid poolside adds personality to every pool.

Do you need expert help in renovating your pool art?

No matter how much you are setting aside for renovating your pool, you should talk to an expert before giving your contractors the green signal. Not all designs look good in all pool shapes. For example, a single mandala surrounded by smaller ones might look great in a round, abstractly-shaped, or square pool. However, choosing a unique central circular pattern may not be the best choice for a long and narrow pool.

Abstract pool shapes with multiple steps on all sides, pose a significant designing challenge to all artists and contractors. If you are facing a similar problem, why don’t you try contacting your local contemporary pool mosaic art expert for a sit-in?

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