Modern Bathroom Sink Vanity For Small Bathrooms

If you are looking for a modern bathroom sink vanity but are concerned about how much space you have available for this popular home improvement project, there are a number of options. Powder rooms, bathrooms in the basement, and bathrooms attached to secondary bedrooms are often small and may feature a simple pedestal sink.

A pedestal sink offers no room for storage and can make a bathroom seem utilitarian and cold. A unique and absolutely gorgeous solution is to choose a single sink and vanity combination that is also a modern work of art.

Modern Bathroom Sink Vanity Combination

Unlike their larger counterparts, small sink vanities are available in different shapes to fit your bathroom’s style and proportions, from square, rectangular, round, and oval. The key to selecting the right vanity is in choosing a material that stands out in material and design.

Instead of a white painted vanity, consider the warmth of oak or the crispness of a cherry finish. Your bathroom sink vanity may be the only piece of floor furniture in this small space, so it makes sense to feature it as a visual focal point. When topped with a Travertine Marble Top and vessel sink, you instantly change the entire feel of your small bathroom.

An added benefit of a sink with a vanity in a small bathroom is the storage space that is lost with a freestanding pedestal sink. Since vanities are exposed to moisture in the air and dripping water, the quality of craftsmanship and cabinet materials is important. Your bathroom vanity is not where you want to skrimp in your makeover project. Likewise, the countertop should be a durable material, resistant to scratches, and easy to clean.

MyHomeAndBath offers a wide range of pedestal and vessel sinks, along with single and double sink vanities that boast a quality and style to transform your small bathroom into a designer’s masterpiece.

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