Mobile Access Equipment: An Essential Investment for a Safe and Efficient Warehouse

The warehouse, as a specific work environment where high traffic, as well as load transport and storage are at the backbone of the business, requires particular equipment to ensure the productivity and safety in it are maintained at an all-time high day in and day out. Such is the case with lift machinery which is made for hassle-free material handling.

With so many investments to take care of, like racking and shelving, manufacturing or distribution essentials, you may find the purchase of this specific machinery to be unnecessary, especially in the case of a smaller warehouse. But, it wouldn’t take long for you to change your mind after considering some of the basic benefits the reliable mobile access equipment is designed to offer.

In addition to making for a safe and efficient warehouse, as the busy storage hub it is, it comes in handy with helping you cut down on the operational costs and meet the crucial customer demands. Overall, it’s the type of investment that keeps on giving so despite the initial cost, it would more than pay off throughout the span of the business.

What Are the Examples of Access Equipment?

Created for ranges of warehouse environments, workloads, and safety requirements, you’re going to come across a variety of mobile access equipment pieces in different designs and prices. Knowing a thing or two about the basic options can assist you with focusing on what it is you really want for the specifics of your storage hub. You can pick from:


The versatile and convenient machines they are, it’s not surprising the forklifts are among the most necessary equipment designs for a warehouse. Made for transporting particularly heavy loads with utmost safety and precision even at higher levels, you need them for your business to safely and precisely transport, load, and unload goods.

For the higher levels, pair them with the right accessories and attachments like a height access equipment piece like a forklift cage/work platform, making sure they’re compatible in size, design, and capacity for the materials and number of people intended to be used with. In terms of personal protective equipment when working on such platforms and heights, it’s advisable to match this equipment with hi vis full body safety harnesses with adjustable straps for an extra dose of employee safety.

Pallet Jacks

Also known as pallet racks and pumps, they’re designed for moving palletised loads. Depending on the load, and the warehouse itself, you can find them in different sizes, even those fit for movement and access through tight spaces, as well as crowded workplaces, but usually when there’s a short distance needed to be covered.

They can be found as both manual and electric, with manual being the cheaper of the two. In some cases, you’d also be able to find mobile storage and specialist access equipment designs like the pipe trolley fit for handling long materials such as pipes and conduits.

Lift Tables

Also known as hydraulic and pneumatic platforms, these tables are made to be easily and safely raised and lowered to different heights to suit your different access needs. Whether used within the warehouse for loading and unloading of the stored goods, or goods from trucks, you can count on easy order picking and material handling without putting workers at risk of dangerous falls and injuries. There’s also a type called scissor lift with scissor like base that’s used for raising and lowering, offering the needed stability for work at different heights.


Although not as complex as the other pieces of mobile access equipment just mentioned, ladders are just as crucial for the efficiency of the busy work area that has material storage and handling at different heights. Based on what it is you require them for, you can choose from a vast array of models, from the simple non-slip one step stool in both metal and plastic options, the 2, 3, 4 step all-purpose ladders to the station ladders with and without sturdy handrails and lockable wheels for mobility.

What Are the Advantages of Using Access Equipment?

Perhaps you can easily find something suitable for the specifics of your warehouse environment from the available options at the stores, perhaps you require solutions of access platforms and lifting pieces that are customised for your needs – in either case, you can be sure of benefitting the following:

Optimised Efficiency

With machinery like forklifts, pallet jacks and trolleys, work platforms, ladders and lifts, you can immediately feel the difference in the overall efficiency of the warehouse when it comes to storing, organising, and fetching inventory. As a result, you can optimise the overall work in the warehouse as a whole plus reduce costs that come from improperly managed and stored goods, or even damaged storing systems.

Improved Storage

Often, the way storage is handled can be the problem for the operation of the workplace. Once you acquire the ideal access lifts and platforms, you can make the most of the vertical space, free up the crucial floor space for even better traffic within the facility, and better organise each of the goods without the need to expand or pay rent for a bigger storage facility.

Increased Safety

There’s always some risk involved when working with loads, especially when they’re heavy and handled at a certain height. When there’s the use of a specialised access equipment in place, you can be sure of maintaining a safe warehouse with reduced risk of accidents, injuries, paid leaves, and compensation claims. Still, to make the most of this benefit the secure ladders and platforms were made for, you have to further invest in proper employee training.

When each employee is aware of the proper way to use the equipment, as well as how and when to maintain it after doing visual inspection and operational testing of all the safety features, how to load and unload it while ensuring the safety of the traffic in the specific area, you can be certain of the true value of the investment in this equipment. When safety comes first, success is guaranteed!