Micro-concrete – Why to use it for roof tiles


Many of us prefer tile roofs for our house. As the tiles are available in various designs, you can create a beautiful roof for your modern house. However, after a number of years, you may like to modify the look of your roof. For replacement of all the tiles, you have to make a huge investment. Thus, you can better go for a concrete look for your roofs. It is not only aesthetic but also an affordable option.  Lots of homeowners have already installed concrete look flooring. Now, it is the right time to apply micro concrete for your roof tiles.

Micro-concrete – Applied for your roof

The roof tiles, treated with a micro concrete material, are really resilient and long-lasting. Your roof surface may be sloping. However, you can still use it for the roof. You will get renovated tiles for the present roofing system. You may also apply these micro concrete tiles on the wood and steel in order to create an attractive roofing design for your pavilion, verandahs, gazebos and farmhouses.

It is also good to install these micro concrete tiles on the cladding components, and you will have a waterproof solution. In many offices and restaurant, you can find these structures. A micro-concrete tile is also a popular option for replacing clay tiles and thatch.

For the highly pitched roof, most of us choose shingles, asbestos, simple tiles and slate. However, to get a better option, you may rely on the micro concrete tiles. Call the micro concreting professionals for applying this material to your roof tiles.

Positive aspects of micro concrete

  • The durability is the major feature of this micro concrete material, and you will get its value for several years.
  • It does not make your roof tiles weighty.
  • The installers are able to install it without much effort
  • The micro concrete lowers the heat gaining capacity
  • We know that during rainfall, lots of roofing materials cause noise issue. However, with micro concrete, you won’t have this problem.
  • There is no presence of asbestos in this roofing structure

Nowadays, many people choose micro concrete for their garden furniture and interior furnishings. This sturdy furniture will surely look best at any place. The concrete is able to endure all weather elements. You won’t have to be a concern on its maintenance. Thus, use micro concrete for furniture, roof tiles and various other things.

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