Fine Interior Design Option for You Now

Entering any room, we immediately pay attention to the decor. No matter how intricate the design, but the interior without the decor looks lifeless and dull. It is textile and decoration that makes the interior interesting, completed and filled.

Interior decoration

In old times, the decor was Czech crystal, knitted napkins, some watches and artificial flowers in vases. The interiors were similar to each other as twins, differed only in the color and quantity of the above “good”.

Nowadays, the variety of choice of decor items is simply amazing – for every taste, color and price category. Do not want to take it! But now the question arose about its correct application.

Interior decoration is a very delicate thing, we would even say, a jeweler. Spoil the decor of the interior can be in a matter of minutes. It is here that the principle “Do not do harm!” It will be better to have a shortage than a search. For the retail interior design services this is important now.

The main thing in decor – symmetry and harmony

Therefore, there are several rules that must be adhered to when decorating.

  • Do not mix opposite styles and colors

If you are not a designer, decorator or artist by vocation, it is better not to resort to it. Choose textiles and decor (paintings, candlesticks, vases, etc.) for the basic style of your interior and suitable in tone its color scheme. For example, if it is high-tech in black and white gamma to buy curtains with a monogram of golden ebb, as well as classical vases and statuettes of warm shades of metal or wood, in any case it is impossible. Cold shades, such as: chrome, silver, white clear glasses, white or black gloss, are better suited. If you want to dilute a boring scale, then give preference to colors that match black and white: red, yellow, blue, purple or bright fuchsia. And in any case, do not mix it with high-tech classics. It is better to focus on art deco or modern classics from the very beginning.

  • Do not clog the interior with a mass of small parts

This applies to both large and small rooms. If you have a whole collection of some guinea pigs, seashells or just souvenirs from travel, give her your corner. Let it be special shelving under the glass, rather than a scattering of small “dust collectors” out of place. Let even such favorite.🙂

In a nutshell, of course, all the tricks of decorating cannot be described and here one needs to orient more towards sensations. But there is a general rule: if after a work done you feel harmony, and guests admire – then you have hit the nail.

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