Looking for Unique Window Treatment? Install Lifestyle Plantation Shutters!

If you are looking for a unique window treatment that gives you comfort and enhances the aesthetic appeal of your house, why not consider lifestyle plantation shutters?

Yes, lifestyle plantation shutters can transform your ordinary home into an extraordinary one! No matter whether you are looking for an indoor shutter to give a classy look to your home or outdoor shutters for safety, Lifestyle plantation shutters can be customised to fit any possible opening.

The lifestyle plantation shutters are very stylish and can suit all window styles and rooms in your house. From the bay windows in the lounge to the shaped ones in the bedroom, lifestyle plantation shutters can add a touch of contemporary look to your house.

Why you need lifestyle plantation shutters in your home? 

  • Longevity:

Unlike drapes and blinds, the plantation shutters will not fade due to the harmful UV rays or ageing. The lifestyle plantation shutters are built with durable materials, so they will not fade or peel out. Since the usage of the shutter is always in fashion, it is a one-time investment which will help you save the cost of purchasing curtains or drapes often.

  • Aesthetics:

Undoubtedly, plantation shutters are attractive! They come in different sizes and finishes as well as mounting options.  In fact, plantation shutter is the only window treatment that adds value to your home and enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home.

  • A Wide range of lifestyle plantation shutters:

The lifestyle plantation shutters can be customised with materials that suit your budget and window. They come in different models including:

  • Durawood – ABS Synthetic:

 It is designed to withstand in any climatic condition. The superior technology in Durawood will ensure that the plantation shutters are protected from chipping, warping and cracking even in the most exterior temperatures.

  • Woodlore – MDF Composite:

If you are looking for traditional characteristics of wood, then Woodlore – MDF composite is the ideal choice. It is handcrafted with patented engineer material and UV-inhibitor finishes, which ensures that each woodlore shutter is worth the investment.

  • Teak – Plantation Timber:

Teak plantation shutters are chic, and you can get it customised in a different colour in a solid custom hardwood shutter at an affordable price. Teak plantation shutters are a popular choice among many homeowners because they are durable and versatile.

  • Aluminium – Metal shutters

The Bermuda 2000 series range of Aluminium shutters are suitable for both indoor and outdoor windows because they are durable and they won’t rust. It comes with adjustable louvers, unlike other models that only allow them to set in a fixed position.

  • Phoneixwood – Plantation Timber

It is a sustainable wood, and its fine grained, soft and wrap resistant qualities are ideal for the construction of interior wooden shutters. If you are looking for a unique window treatment that gives you a classy look, then phoenixwood plantation shutters are an excellent choice.

  • Easy maintenance:

Cleaning and maintaining the plantation shutters are easy! If you are using a plastic shutter, you can wipe it with a clean cloth or wipe it with a damp cloth.

However, wiping wooden shutters with a wet cloth is not a wise idea. Rather, you can dust them daily and wipe with a dry cloth. If the shutters look dull, furniture polish is an excellent idea to bring back the shine on wooden shutters. If your shutters are made of aluminium or vinyl occasional dusting and cleaning is enough to maintain them.

If you are on the market looking for lifestyle plantation shutters in Perth, choose the supplier who is specialised in plantation shutters and provides an extensive range of superior quality plantation shutters.

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