Benefits of Regular Septic Tank Cleaning

Regular cleaning of a septic tank can prevent minor issues from becoming big and costly problems. If you have a properly functioning septic tank, you can forget to have it cleaned until you see problems arising. Hence, it is good to have it cleaned at least once a year. A septic tank maintenance service like A1 septic can help a great deal. Here are six benefits of septic tank cleaning.

1. Prevents the System from Clogging

With time, a lot of solids accumulate in the septic tank, either sinking to the tank’s bottom or floating in the water’s scum layer. In case the tank is filled with solids, they can back up into your pipes or clog the outlet as they wash out with wastewater. If the issue persists, you might experience sewage rising in the drains in your home.

2. Prevents Odors from Leakage

In case your septic tank backs up or clogs, you can find sewage going to the wrong places. This can lead to damp areas, significant health hazards, and foul smells. Cleaning the septic tank on a regular basis prevents it from overfilling, leaking, and causing bad smells.

3. Safeguards Your Property

Some septic tanks are engineered to allow wastewater to seep out into the ground in a designated area. Normally, this is usually easy and safe, until solid waste begins seeping out as a result of an overfull septic tank. This can result in clogging of the outlet, leading to backed-up sewage, boggy areas, and bad smells

4. Saves Money

Repairing the damage as a result of a septic tank burst or leak can be very expensive. In addition to replacing or repairing the tank, you might need to repair the damage caused to your landscaping and house. Cleaning your septic tank regularly minimizes the risk of an expensive emergency.

5. Safeguards Your Family

A septic tank that smells unusually bad could be allowing waste materials to leak to the surrounding water and soil. If your family is exposed to this waste matter, they could face severe risk to their health. Ensuring regular cleaning aids in preventing the buildup and cracks that lead to waste exposure.

6. Conserves the Environment

Eliminating potentially dangerous waste on a regular basis safeguards your yard and home as well as keeps local water systems healthier and cleaner. Medications present in human waste and chemical septic tank cleansers can pollute nearby water bodies and soil. Cleaning your septic tank will do a great deal to prevent this pollution.

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