Learn about the best time to install roof

Most of the roofs are composed of asphalt shingles. Yours might very well be included in this majority. If it is then it will probably last about 20 years and now may need replacement. If your roof is nearing to the end of its lifespan then the time has come to think about your roof replacement options. The best time of the year to have a roofing Mississauga install your new roof would vary from what you think.

Here is the detailed information for you.


It is probably said that winter isn’t the best time to replace a roof, for some obvious reasons. Apart from this, the snow and ice, the cold temperatures can make roofing materials harden and brittle. Shingles could even get some cracks during installation. Roofers at roofing Mississauga usually don’t work as well in cold temperatures. Also, sealants won’t be able to be applied as effectively. Shingles will take the much longer time to adhere to each other than they would in higher temperatures.


If you’re thinking to plan ahead to get your roof repaired or replaced in the spring, you might as well get it done in the fall. If your roof is deteriorating or even has some small problems, these issues will only worsen over the winter as the snow and ice pile up, melt, and refreeze as discussed above. If you don’t have any such problems with your roof then definitely, spring is a great time to replace it. It’s not at so busy time at roofing Mississauga as later in the summer and in the fall. Thus, you can find less expensive material.


The starting of summer is a great time to get your roof replaced. Meanwhile, in the middle of summer, when temperatures are high, the time is inappropriate. At roofing Mississauga, installation is done in summer too. However, high heat and humidity can make it unpleasant for roofers and also affect the materials. It can soften the asphalt in the shingles, making them less durable during installation. Even chances are that they get scuffed up when walked on.


The best weather of the year for roof installation is definitely in the fall when the temperature ranges somewhere around between 45 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit (not lower than 40). The cool temperature during the spring and fall allows roofing Mississauga to work longer for hours without getting overheated. Even the mild weather makes installation easy. Shingles will have time to get sealed effectively.  Also, they can get well prepared to take on elements during the harsh winter. Henceforth, fall is also one of the busiest times of the year for roof installation. So you need to book on time.

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