Conserving energy with Blackout Curtains

One of the most commonly found accessories in a home, but often undervalued are the choice of window treatments you make in each room. However, curtains should not be underrated. They add to the look of your home, but also perform some very important functions. Helping to keep drafts out, help to block light, keep your privacy when you want it, let in the outdoors when you want to, help keep the energy bill a little lower. In particular, the curtains that are great for conserving energy are blackout curtains.

There are different types of blackout shades a person can get for their home. You can get attractive ones and then there are different variances that block out so much light going up to the best at 99%. Some are heavier than others, some have several layers of fabrics. The way they are made makes them very durable and often they last for longer than some other types of a curtain.

Saving money on your energy bills

You can get different types of blackout window treatments, shades, curtains, drapes, and even blinds. They are great for rooms where light can be a problem like bedrooms, helping children get to sleep in the summer months, shift workers get to sleep in the day, and babies take their day time naps! Where once they may have been more understated in their appearance now you can get ones that look good in whichever room they are places so they look good as well as function how you need them to.

What some people do not realize about them though is that blackout curtains are effective at acting as another layer of insulation, which means you can save money on your heating bills too. In fact, depending on the type and thickness you choose those curtains can reduce the amount of heat that escapes by around twenty to thirty percent, and also keep cold air from around the windows from getting in. As well as making your rooms dark they keep them warm too. When you are not losing heat through the windows you are saving money on heating those rooms.

Choosing well

When it comes to deciding which to get you can vary it depending on the room but make sure you measure carefully. Decide how long you want them. Make sure they will look good and that you are happy to have them in your home. Go for fabric that is fireproof and avoid tassels or longer lengths in rooms with toddlers for safety reasons.


Even if you do not put in blackout shades in every room, and just saved them for bedrooms and the cinema or theater room, you can still conserve energy and save money. We live in a world where we are big consumers, but slowly more of us are becoming aware of small steps that can be taken, make a big impact on our lives, and how we impact on the world around us. Blackout shades are such a great way to have it both ways. A warm home that is cheaper to run while not wasting energy.

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