Kitchen Remodeling – A Guide to Getting It Done

Kitchen remodeling is a big undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. This guide will walk you through the process from start to finish so you can get started and cross your project off your list!

Get Rid Of Clutter Around The House

Before you start your kitchen remodel, look around your house and get rid of any clutter. Your kitchen is going to be a mess anyway while you’re redoing it, so don’t make the mistake of packing up other parts of the house in order to fit more into the kitchen. Instead, focus on the things surrounding your kitchen so that when you do have time to work on that room, there’s space available for you to actually do something useful with it.

Write Down A List Of What Needs Done

Once you’ve gotten rid of some clutter and cleared out some space, grab a piece of paper and write down all the different appliances or features that need replaced or redone. Take this opportunity not only if you’re working on a remodel, but if you’d like to replace anything in your kitchen. For example: Do you have a broken oven? Is your fridge ten years old and still using ice shaped cubes? Make sure you make note of things that might seem minor that can be changed during the process.

Clean Up After Yourself

Don’t leave dishes in the sink or dirty clothes lying around the house. This will only lead to more stress and more work!

Establish A Budget, But Make Sure You Can Afford It

When you start out with a kitchen remodel you need to decide on a budget. It is important to know how much money you have available for the project before starting so that you don’t get yourself into trouble later on. See if there are any leaks under your sink or get rid of your old appliances if they’re too small or inefficient. Remodeling isn’t always cheap; in fact, it’s often very pricey as contractors charge by the hour and many little details add up during the process. Anything that might add an extra cost should be looked at before starting your project, so that way you don’t get in over your head and have to give up when it’s already too late.

Make Sure You Understand The Project Before Starting

Before doing any shopping or purchasing, make sure you completely understand the project that is ahead of you. This way there are no surprises later on down the road; it’ll also make planning and budgeting much easier for you. It’s important to know what materials cost as well as how things work, so that will save time (and money) later on as well.

Install A New Mailbox That Matches Your Home’s Exterior Design

One of the first things people notice when they pull up to your home is the mailbox. Is it old and rusty? This makes a poor impression on visitors, so replace it with either a new one that matches your house or has some sort of style to fit in. Your neighborhood mailman will thank you as well!

Erect A Fence Around The Perimeter

If you have kids or just want to make sure nothing gets into your yard, installing fencing along the edges will help keep everything locked down tight. Make sure you install posts deep into the ground to give it proper support and strength; local hardware stores should be able to point you in the right direction here.

Move Any Storage Sheds Out Of Sight

Storage sheds can be a plus if you need space for tools, but they can really ruin the look of your property. Do a sweep around your area and move everything into the shed that is out in plain view. This will help clean up the outside of your house and make it more presentable overall.

Set Up A Clothesline For Hanging Laundry

If you enjoy doing laundry by hand, try setting up a clothesline during this time to start using! It’s much easier on your clothes and will save money over using electric or gas dryers down the road. Not to mention it makes your home smell good too.  If you have enough room in the yard, set one up next to where you’re working so that after each project you can wash up and feel like a new person.

Renovate Your Basement Or Attic

If there’s extra space in the house, use it! Some basements have been left unused for years because people don’t know what to do with them; turn that into an office or guest room. Other times, they’ve just been used as storage rooms full of junk that no longer has a place in the house. Either way, clean out the old stuff and decide what can be done to make this space more useful. It will help clear out some clutter around your home which is always a plus when doing remodels/projects around the house.

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