Kitchen Countertops and Hardwood Flooring Options in Kitsilano

When you embark on a home renovation project and you find it necessary to replace your kitchen countertops with newer ones, it is important that you consult a supplier or manufacturer with the right materials. The same applies when you need to install hardwood flooring in some rooms in your home.

Kitchen Countertops

Replacing scorched, stained, scratched, or a plain unattractive countertop allows you to transform any kitchen. Thankfully, there are many options to consider and they come in different price ranges. A new laminate countertop, for instance, could cost $4 per square foot, or you could choose to spend ten times the amount on granite or quartz.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz kitchen countertops are some of the newest alternative materials used in the modern kitchen. The countertop material is often non-porous and has a scratch resistant surface that almost requires no maintenance despite the fact that it mimics the appearance of stone. Furthermore, the quartz surfaces prevent mould, mildew, and bacteria growth, thanks to the anti-microbial protection incorporated into the material. Also, serrated knives, hot spots, stains, and abrasive pads are no match for quartz countertops.

Laminate Countertops

Laminate, or Formica, is the most commonly used countertop material due to its affordable nature. Laminate kitchen countertops could easily last many years or even decades with only slight or no decay. One of the greatest benefits of installing laminate as a kitchen countertop is that it is available in many colour options and several textures. However, you should note that the thickness of the material varies. The thicker varieties of laminate options are used as countertops, while the thinner ones work best as drawer laminates and backsplashes. Modern technology allows for the production of laminate that mimics stone, wood, or metal countertops without the exorbitant cost of the natural kitchen countertop materials.

Hardwood Flooring

When considering flooring for your home, nothing really compares with the elegant beauty of real hardwood flooring. Whether you are looking at solid hardwood floors or engineered hardwood floors, the enchanting glow of natural wood brings unmatched beauty and comfort to virtually any room. most suppliers carry thousands of species of wood flooring, including hickory, oak, cherry, maple, cork, bamboo, birch, and the exotic hardwood species.

Note that hardwood flooring is capable of adding a luxurious, elegant, and natural look and feel to any home. This flooring material provides an inviting, warm feel that is unmatched by other floor materials. When considering the installation of wood floors in your home, it is advisable that you visit a manufacturer or store near you. The specialists who perform complete interior makeovers feature the highly sought-after line of hardwoods. You can rest assured knowing the material can match any type of project you can think of, whether you’re renovating your current home or building a new, modern home.

Remember, working with a home renovation expert allows you to get the best professional advice with regard to kitchen countertop and flooring options. Whether you need kitchen countertops or hardwood flooring in Kitsilano for your current home, do not hesitate to consult the specialists in the industry.

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