Keep Your Wood Floors Looking Good with These Simple Steps

Hardwood floors are one of the bestselling products at Wade’s Carpet & Interiors. Upon making their purchase, our customers usually have questions about maintaining their hardwood flooring.

Caring for hardwood flooring is relatively simple. Protecting your floors from grit and sand can keep them looking like new for years to come.

Leave Your Shoes at the Door

When you walk in the door, your shoes drag in grit that gets deposited on the floor. Leaving shoes at the door can protect hardwood floors.

Make this easier by laying mats at your home’s entrances and exits. Place a bench inside the front door foyer, to encourage people to sit down and remove their shoes. Keep a sturdy shoe wrack or shoe bin by the bench, to prevent your foyer from looking cluttered.

Mop Occasionally

Even if you’re leaving shoes at the door, you’re still likely to drag in bits of sand and mud from time to time. Dry mopping with a microfiber cloth is a safe way to remove grit without scratching your floors. Do this daily.

When the floors get dirty, use a damp mop moistened with a combination of hot water and vinegar to wash your floors. You can also mop your floors with diluted tea water, because tannic acid from the tea will help your hardwood floors shine.

Color Scratches in Crayon

Use a wood-colored crayon to draw over scratches in your hardwood floor, then melt the crayon with a few passes from the hair dryer. Buff the floors with a soft cloth until the scratches are no longer visible.

Stop in Our Show Room

Are you looking for flooring products in Bradenton? Wade’s Carpet & Interiors has a variety of products in our show room. Stop in to see samples and talk prices.

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