Is it smart to install replacement windows on my own?

Our Precision Glass experts see the answer to this question more than they hear it. What that means is that we often must repair or replace windows that are installed by the DIY homeowner.

When that happens, the cost of that product is much higher than if we just installed the windows for you. The reason is that you’ve had to pay for the DIY project and now are paying for us to fix any problems that show up – double the investment.

Reasons why homeowners should not install their own windows

  1. Selling your home – Unpermitted work or work that is not up to code is a huge liability. During a home sale, these kinds of details are exposed through energy reviews and home inspections, which uses current home data in comparison with deed and tax documentation to identify unpermitted work.

Unpermitted work, such as window replacement, can also leave the home seller in legal jeopardy. Reach out to us for questions about inspections and energy efficiency scores before you list your home.

  1. Damage to your home – Windows take a lot of abuse and when they are not installed correctly, can lead to water damage, structural damage or weakening.

Certain types of walls are loadbearing and installing windows in those areas can weaken the strength of the wall which causes many types of damage including floor damage, foundation damage, roof damage, etc. You might also have to deal with water damage, dry rot, pest issues, and more.

Before you DIY, call us. We provide professional window installation in Kansas City, Missouri.

  1. Drop in energy efficiency – A DIY project may not use the correct type of window or glass for your home. Too much glass or windows that are not energy efficient can cause your HVAC system to work harder to create an ambient temperature. This can also impact the sale of a home if the number of windows creates a poor energy efficiency score

These three reasons are issues that we see often. Homeowners think they are saving money by doing the job themselves. It usually costs them more than if they had just used a licensed window expert in the first place.

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