Interesting Tips To Decorate Your Windows

Safety in the kitchen, privacy in the dressing room and the perfect warmth and light, in your dining room and in your study. Learn to decorate your windows thinking about the function of the room or best get the services of habillage de fenetre store urbain. They are professionals and they know all there is to know about windows.

The Kitchen Windows

To ensure safety do not install a curtain or piece of cloth in your window if it is near the stove. Use a blind that is easy to wash and clean, because, like any other tool in the kitchen, blinds tend to get dirty.

Dressing Cabinets With Windows

To give privacy to your dressing room use a flexible system that allows daylight to enter without being observed from the outside. A translucent curtain combined with a thicker one by means of a rail system is a perfect combination for this room.

Windows For The Bathroom

The ideal window for the bathroom has to allow light to enter, dry quickly due to humidity and allow the window to open and close without problem to be able to aerate it. Of course, privacy is also a big concern, so opaque glass or one way glass is ideal.

Curtains For The Bedroom

The Venetian blind is a good solution to cover the window of your bedroom: it allows you to illuminate the room without losing privacy, ventilate the room and block the light to sleep at any time. Also, if you combine it with the coffee curtain, you will get extra privacy.

The Living Room Curtains

To ensure natural light does not intervene in the story you’re watching on TV, install in the window of your living room a curtain that prevents the light of the outside being the protagonist of what is happening. Do not forget the style of the rest of the room to match the furniture and accessories so that nothing will be out of focus in your living room.

Study Area With Window

Nothing in your study should hinder you, not even natural light! To avoid reflections on your computer screen or glare when you are reading a book, install a blind and you will be the one who controls the speed and rhythm of your reading.

Curtains For Children’s Rooms

For curtains to be safe for children, it is better for them to be short so that the children will not be able to climb them. Similarly, do not install blinds in their rooms, so they can not hurt themselves with the ropes.

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