Important tasks accomplished by basement contractors

Basement renovation involves a total revamp of the basement space to transform it into a usable space such as bedroom, kitchen, game room, pantry, home theatre, family room or any other kind of space for varied purposes. Remodeling the basement to make it habitable involves series of complex steps. Basements lying unused for years on end develop a lot of major issues which need to be rectified for transforming them into rooms. Toronto’s best and top rated basement finishing contractors are capable of dealing with a host of issues and follow a step by step method to make the basement renovation projects a success.

Three steps are followed by the best basement contractors for completing their projects.


The basement contractors hold consultations with the clients to determine their requirements regarding the types of spaces they want their basements to be converted to. Inspection of the basement is also made to assess the area.


A design of the room to be created from the basement space is made by the experts. The design is in accordance with the needs of the clients and the building code regulations.


The labourers finally get to work to implement the design effectively.

Toronto’s best and top rated basement finishing contractors ensure that the below mentioned tasks are performed to perfection in order to make the best basement transformations.


Framing is done to create frames for the walls of the room or rooms to be created in the basement space. The frames used are usually made of wood. The frames help in making the new walls strong and durable. Framing is done after careful assessment of the basement plan. Framing is the first task of basement finishing.


Waterproofing is essential to prevent water from invading the basement space especially during the rainy season. Waterproofing is achieved by using drain pipes and sump pumps along with waterproof seals to protect the walls and foundation against water damage. High grade waterproof seals which are resistant to chemicals and stress are available with the best basement contractors.

Electrical wiring

Licensed electricians work on the electrical wiring system of the basement. Electrical wires go through the frames used to support walls. The electrical work is always entrusted to expert and experienced electricians by the reputed basement contractors.


Flooring is an important part of the basement space. The basement contractors use the best flooring material according to the type of basement under renovation. Laminates are most commonly used basement flooring even though hardwood and tiles are also used.

Plumbing, mould protection and painting are other important works done by the basement contractors.

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