Different Ways to Use Day and Night Blinds in the Home

Day and Night Blinds; often called “Twist Vision Blinds” are a kind of new kid on the block as far as window decoration is concerned. This new style of blinds is rapidly turning out to be just the thing that so many people have been looking for.

There is something unique about day and night blinds and it is the versatility that is impressing most. Day and night blinds basically have two sets of fabric that bind. One set is a transparent layer and the other is a kind of opaque blocking colour.

The entire reason these blinds were introduced onto the market is so that people can use them for daytime and night use. There is the transparent layer that works dynamically for daytime use and the blocking colour for those who wish to make use of the night time.

But it is not simply a case of a dual usage set of blinds for using in the day and at night. It is much more than that, and it is the durability and versatile manner that has got customers and consumers talking about this product with great enthusiasm.

Both the day and night blinds can be altered to offer a full spectrum of lighting solutions. Blinds can be partially shifted for cloudy days, bright days or wet and rainy times. Transparency can be shifted for full, partial or zero use – depending on the choice of the user.

Homeowners can specify the right amount of light and the level of privacy by doing the “twist”. Twist Vision has a revolutionary element about it. A simple cord allows the two materials to slide pass one another, acting sort of like a cross between roller blinds and Venetian blinds. The only difference is that day and night blinds look and feel more stylish, elegant and fit for purpose.

Day and night blinds are perfect for those hot summer afternoons when you have returned to the house and wish to just cool off and watch a bit of television. The right amount of shade is selected and the glare off the TV screen is eliminated. This allows the family to cool off, get refreshed and watch an afternoon show in absolute comfort.

Day and night blinds work great in the winter too. Usually, the sun is in a low and glaring position and the blinds can be twisted to get just the right amount of light in before the sun goes down. There are several different kinds of shutters that you can choose from select blinds canada

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