How will you start your own coffee shop business?

Vision is the main driving force for any business, even if it means opening a café of your own. You have to plan a mission, and put in all efforts to promote your vision into a phenomenon.  

In this write-up, let us find out how you must go about if you intend to open a café very close to your place. Assuming, you live in Australia; to narrow it down, let us say Melbourne. 

Regardless of where you reside, the efforts and measures that you must take will be more or less the same; except for abiding by the norms of the regulatory authorities that differ from one place to another and one nation to another.

Tips for opening a café 

 Check out the following points-

  • Work out a business plan

There are a few essential points that you must take into account, which will eventually decide the fate of your café. These include-

  • The money that you can afford to invest
  • How will you fund the expenses?
  • How far are your competitors located?
  • What extra will you offer to your clients so that you have your USP?
  • Strengths and weaknesses

  • Choosing a name for registration of business

Once you are done with the business plan, next, you must register your business name with ASIC or Australian Securities and Investments Commission. Also, you must register for ABN or Australian Business Register. 

It is vital to comply with all the legalities that govern the café businesses in Australia. Thus, you do not get into any legal battle, after operating for a couple of months. You know if your documents are clean and legally adhere to the government norms, you can sit and relax.

  • Equipment and tools

Finding Café Solutions in Melbourne does not just end at the legalities. You have to buy or hire, whichever is cost-effective or suits your business proposition best the tools and equipment that will run your coffee shop business. For instance, you have to invest in a good coffee machine and also a fridge so that you can store edibles. 

You have to apply for a “liquor license,” whose cost can vary from one place in Australia to another. Find out the cost of getting this license in Melbourne. Roughly speaking, be ready to shell out approximately AUD $600 or more. 

  • Café furniture

The kind of furniture that you use for the café is equally essential. It has to be comfortable, and these days, the concept of ergonomics is in trend, so make sure you invest in chairs and tabletops that will serve the purpose. There are many café furniture solutions that you can bank upon and invest in the furniture as per your need. 

Last but not least, the amount you have to invest in your café business will depend on the location. If you plan to hire set up your business in a commercial area, you have to shell out more compared to a place which is not commercial or a business hub. So, the cost of space will depend on the location. 


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