Basements have great under-realized potential. It is usually a darkroom used for storage. But you can turn this around with Basement renovations Markham and make the best out of your basement. Renovating the basement can add to the property’s value and, in some cases, can even be a source of income. Though remodeling the basement might sound like quite the task, but Reno Duck Basement Renovations can help you make it easier. The experts will help you to actualize your dream basement. They will give you some ideas about what you could do with space. Following are just some of the ways you could put your basement to use.

An Office space for rent

If you have a huge basement, it can be turned into an office space. You could add beautiful flooring and a heating system. Such basements are usually rented as chambers by lawyers. This way, your renovation could be an investment.

Basement apartment or bedroom

The basement space can be easily monopolized by turning it into a basement apartment. But if you are looking not to build an entire apartment, then you could transform this space into a bedroom for your visitors. This would be a great place to let your friends and family who are visiting from outside town to stay. You could also rent this bedroom if you like. Ensure that your bedroom basement has an egress window, which could be used as an exit in case of an emergency.

Turn your basement into a theatre.

There is great potential in the basement to be turned into a theatre. If you enjoy watching movies or tv shows and with the prevalence of OTT platforms, turning your basement into a theatre could be a great idea. You could install dim lights and recliners to lay back and watch your movie in comfort. Of course, a home theatre system with excellent surround sound is a must. To prevent the sound from escaping your room, you could get carpet flooring. This could be a great room to hold movie screening nights with friends and family and have a feel of a theatre in your own home. If you are into gaming, then this theatre would take your gaming experience up multiple notches.

Bachelor Pad / Game Room

We’ve all dreamed of having a fun zone inside the house, where we could chill and relax. It is time for your basement into that space. The contractor would be able to give you some ideas about it. You could add a gaming console, an air hockey table, and even a foosball table. Having a mini-fridge and microwave can take things up a notch. It becomes the perfect place not only to relax but also to entertain your friends and family. Adding fun lights to the room could take your party up a notch. You could also add a pool table or dartboard and hold your game nights in this part of the house.

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