How to make office spaces attractive places

Even with the movement towards drop shipping, online stores, and digital websites, there is still a need to have an office space that you operate from. There will always be a need for business to business interaction.  Although working remotely is becoming common practice, your office will be the central place for your staff to gather together and there are still people who prefer to come into the office daily rather than work from home.  An office can be a boring and mundane place to be, especially if it is in a less exciting area because of access and rent.  You want to make sure that it is still a place where people enjoy coming and experience a good atmosphere when you do.

The green spaces

Use commercial landscaping contractors Sydney to design your green spaces.  They will advise on the best way to build your natural spaces so that it’s easy to maintain and looks good.  Greenery makes a place look healthy, alive and fresh.  If you have the luxury of garden spaces, this would be where you would put your focus, but otherwise, let the contractors help you find other ways to have living plant life surround your workspace

Light up the place

Ambient light makes a person feel light and happy.  It is never pleasant going into dark rooms and cubicles feeling like there is no fresh air.   Have skylights or large windows to allow natural light in.  Have a balcony space where people can have their coffee breaks or even an outside meeting.  If your office building doesn’t have easy access to ambient light, them make sure it has a sense of spaciousness and is well lit.

Finish it off

How a place is finished off makes all the difference.  This is where you get to have fun with the vibe and culture of the company.  Bring in aspects of who your company is by choosing carefully what you want to ‘theme’ of the décor.  If you’re in the creative space, then bring that across through your light fittings, tables, and couches.  If you’re a more formal space, like lawyers or accountants, they have a sense of class and quality, but be careful not to come across as old and fuddy-duddy.

Meeting rooms

We spend a lot of time in meeting rooms and they too need to be light, airy, spacious and welcoming.  Always have coffee and get someone to bring you some nuts and things too much on in a meeting.  It is easier to concentrate when you’re not counting the minutes till lunchtime, and it also makes the place feel less stoic if you have freedom to snack.

The welcoming

The person at the security gate is a hugely important part of your staff.  This is often an outsourced person that works for the security company, but they are the first people your staff of visitors meet.  Take the time to invest in their training and lean customer interaction skills.



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