How to Get Rid Of Ants Naturally

‘The ant train’ was one of the fascinating things that attracted most of us during our childhood! Tracking down the source of this ‘ant train’ was a silly bit of adventure back then. But now, it’s more likely to be considered a nuisance to watch that ‘ant train’ directed inside our home! That feeling of adventure has been turned into a sense of fear considering those ants attacking our belongings.

Let’s learn more about these insects in depth so that, we can easily be able to get rid of them.

Home remedies for ants/How to get rid of ants naturally?

Dealing with insects doesn’t always require chemicals. There are home remedies to get rid of ants too. Below are few tested methods to kill ants:

Vinegar: Use vinegar to get rid of ants. It’s a very common ingredient in your kitchen. Pour vinegar in a spray bottle and spray vinegar at all the suspected points and over the trail route through which ants enter your home. Vinegar diminishes the pheromone scent and eventually ants would keep out of your home.

Chalks: Draw lines around the perimeter of your home. Ants seem to know their limits too! They are observed not to cross the chalk lines. Chalks are widely available and is cheap way to get rid of ants.

Lemon Juice: When life give you lemons, you ought to squeeze those! Lemon juice acts as natural ants-repellent. Spray the juice around all entry points and this will also help you in keeping ants away from your home.

Soapy water: Make soapy water solution at home using either bathing soap or dish-washing soap and spray the solution all over the trail as well as over them. Repeat it after some time to get rid of ants.

Diatomaceous earth: Use food grade diatomaceous earth to sprinkle it around your house. This might take some time to provide visible results but it works. Make sure you do not wet the substance or else it might not be effective.

Baby Powder: Sprinkle baby powder over the entry points and you’ll see ants not crossing those points.

Coffee grounds: Ants do not like coffee smell. Place coffee grounds at all entry points which will keep them away from your home.

Salt: Prepare salt solution and spray or simply sprinkle it over all significant locations like wall-cracks, window-cracks and similar possible entry points and this will be a deterrent for the ants.

Essential oils: Oils like peppermint, lemon or tea tree oil are very effective in getting rid of ants. Make a water solution with these oils and spray it over the suspected areas to see positive results.

Borax-Sugar mixture: Make small balls of this mixture and place it at places where you’ve seen ants to roam around. Sugar will attract them but borax will kill them.

Baking soda & sugar mixture: Same as the one mentioned above, make small balls of this mixture in the ration of 1:1 and leave those in strategic locations for the ants to consume it.

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