Basements: The best ways to breathe light into them

The fact that celebrities around the world are converting their basements tells us all that this is completely fashionable. Of course, it’s completely reasonable as well, after all space is nowadays at a premium and going under your home can provide you with this (albeit, at a cost).

Let’s not forget that basements aren’t without their problems, though. They can get exceptionally damp, while it should also go without saying that light is a major issue.

It’s that secondary point which we are going to hone in on for the purposes of today’s post. As such, let’s now investigate some of the best ways you can breathe light into your basement and subsequently reap all of the rewards from it.

Be creative with your light sources

If you are under the impression that a single bulb is going to suffice here, you’re set for a nasty surprise. On the whole, basements don’t have any natural light, and this means that you need to be creative with several options.

For example, floor lamps (such as can combine with ceiling lights and even wall lights. When the three of these are put together, you are suddenly presented with a room that has light from several different sources at once. Suddenly, light is everywhere.

The art of mirrors

A slightly more surprising solution comes in the form of mirrors. In short, these reflect light, meaning that if you even have a slither of natural light coming in from anywhere you should be looking to position your mirror so it reflects it.

If you don’t, it’s about pairing your mirrors and synthetic light sources accordingly. If you can manage this, you will have miraculously created the illusion that you have windows in your room.

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It can all come from your floor

Considering the fact that the floor is such a key part of your room, some of you might not fancy this next suggestion. Nevertheless, it does work very well, and if you can turn to a shiny floor you will be amazed at what it does for the light around your basement. Again, this is all about reflection, and as we all know shiny objects do this very well. Considering the sheer area that your floor will consume, the effect from this can be terrific.

In terms of suggestions, polished wood and concrete are a couple of the modern options that people are tending to go for.

Tap into metallic ornaments

Whether it is plant pots or general ornaments, metal has a really positive effect in a room which is lacking of light. This is for the same reasons as spoken about previously; metal is a shiny material and as such it can reflect light very well.

Of course, unless this happens to be your natural style, you don’t want to be blasting your room so it looks like a factory. Subtle changes can make all the difference here though, especially if they are paired with some of the other tips we have spoken about.

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