How To Clean Water Bottles?

There is nothing more delighting than a cool and easy-to-carry water bottle that can fulfill your thirst on the go. However, water bottles can get dirty over a period of time and their moist environment can very soon become a breeding ground for germs that you may inadvertently consume along with the water.

Here are some easy tips on how to clean water bottles at home:

Warm water and mild soap can be the most efficient way to clean a water bottle. You can try out a sponge or cloth to clean water bottles with a few soap dabs under running warm water. However, you should make sure that you are cleaning the complete water bottle — the top or cover of the bottle as well as the mouth and the inside of the bottle.

You can then proceed to wiping the bottle inside and out in circular motions few times to clean the bottle thoroughly. You may also pour the soap and water in the bottle and shake the water bottle a few times with the lid onto clean it completely. You can scrub the inside and outside of the water bottle to give it a deep clean with a small cleaning brush. For this, you can dip the brush in water and soap to clean the bottle.

If you want to disinfect and clean the water bottles, it is highly suggested that you soak them in a mixture of water and white vinegar. For this, you can mix one part of water with one part of vinegar in a bowl and then let the bottle submerge for 4-5 minutes.

It will be now time to rinse off the bottle with warm water after you are done with cleaning and scrubbing the bottle. It is suggested to run the water bottle for a few minutes and times under running water to remove any soap residue. After this, you can place the bottle on a drying rack or in an upside down position on a clean towel. The point is to let the bottle dry overnight. It is highly suggested that you must wash all water bottles once a day or once every two or three days to ensure that the water consumed by you is not contaminated and has no buildup of germs.

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