How to Choose the Best Led (Light Emitting Diode) Light Bulb for Any Room in Your Home

Light is a very important necessity in a house. The kind of light emitted by a bulb supplying light to a particular section of a house determines to a large extent the mood and feeling we get. Blue lights usually create a sense of focus and alertness while non-blue light makes us relaxed, drowsy and crave for a good night sleep. Careful considerations need to be made when choosing led light bulbs for different rooms in a house because they actually serve different purposes. A variety of LED bulbs are available in such places as at great prices. Some smart ways to make your choice are outlined below.

#1: LED light for Home Office Use

Productivity is the main objective of having an office, so the choice of light bulb in our workspace must support the maximum output. Cool white lights which are highly indistinguishable from daylight are best for improved alertness and focus due to the stimulation of serotonin production. Consider LED desk lamps with brightness adjustment properties so as to reduce the light intensity and unwanted glares on your computer screen.

#2: LED lighting for bedroom use

The lightning of a bedroom must be suitable for relaxation. It must be calm and peaceful; hence the use of non-blue light is highly recommended because it induces the brain to produce melatonin which supports a comfortable sleep. Blue lights only create a clear contrast between the bedroom light and the light outside creating a discomfort. In cases where a bedside reading lamp is needed, opt for lamps with a soft blue or neutral light tone which are efficient for reading pages with specific color fixtures.

#3: LED light for living room use

The living room serves for relaxation and also for seating guests. A mixture of different light source allows for adjustment to different scenarios in the living room, be it in the course of watching a movie or chatting with friends or family. Adjustable spotlight lamps pointed at walls are highly effective for clear display of artworks or family pictures. They also help to eliminate unwanted shadows on the wall.

#4: LED lighting for kitchen use

The kitchen is the most busy and active part of a home. Most of us begin our daily chores from the kitchen; therefore, much alertness is required especially when the stomach is demanding a refill. A blue-light emitting bulb stimulates serotonin production which awakens the mind.

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