Ideas for your living room decor

Your living room is the place where you spend most of the time with your family or loved ones. And that is why it is important to look at every detail of this room from furniture to the curtains. Also, the color of the wall plays a vital role regardless of the size of the room. We are here with great ideas for a living room that you will absolutely fall for.  

1. Choose the right curtains

Picking accurate curtains for your living room is very essential as they can make a lot of change to the aspect of the space. When the room is bright the color of curtains does not seem to affect the appearance.

2. The joy of colors
This will be surprising to you but colors have a magical effect on your space and they do add space to your room. It creates an illusion and your small room appears bigger. If you mix and match the right colors your room can appear no less than a dreamland.

3. Diverse sources of light

You can add varying elements to your room to change the look and feel of the room.  Ask your designer to choose elegant sofa designs, they can also change the appearance of your space entirely. Go for chandeliers of the differing heights they add to the beauty of the room.

4. Simple details

There is no need for a bigger space or even number of furniture to come up with attractive interiors. For example, A room can appear beautiful with just simple sofa and bright cushions along with simple easy on eye decor.  You can include things like a lamp, vase, etc to add more to the room’s beauty. You can also hire a designer from a recognized firm like Urbanclap to achieve the look that you wish. They have also started offering interior designer in Pune.

5. Let’s not forget the walls

Do not overlook the walls in your room. Let them add glamour to your room, just by hanging an artistic frame or even hanging a decorative or an artwork.  You can choose to add patterns on one of the walls in the room and make it more catchy then rest of the walls in the room.


6. Enjoy the sunshine

Let the sunshine break in your room. If your room has a larger window, then you are one fortunate. You will get a chance to enjoy warmth and bountiful of sunshine every day. Do not let your furniture obstruct the sunlight. Let this room have light walls so that the falling sunlight makes the room appear beautiful and bright.

7. Make good use of space

When the space within a room is used effectively, then you can make for a hassle-free arrangement no matter how small the room.  If your room has a library, close drawers, open shelves and a small TV, still it can look clutter free if arranged wisely.

8. Small but elegant

Even if your room is small, you can still make it look stunning. This can be done by taking care of small yet important elements. These elements include a choice of furniture, the color of curtains, art pieces, placement of TV and a plush carpet. If you are sceptical about arranging these elements you can hire an expert from interior design services providing firm. Just like Urbanclap, who have started providing services in various cities including interior designers in Pune.

Which idea from here thrilled you the most?

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