How to Choose the Best Hotel Ironing Supplies

When purchasing your hotel’s equipment, you will need to have the latest product info. This enables you to stay competitive by catering to each of your clients’ needs. This post provides you with insights on how to choose the best hotel ironing supplies.

Choosing the right ironing board
You might have to keep replacing ironing boards if you purchase the wrong one. In a hotel setting, the ironing board should be heavy duty and flexible as it will be used by people with differing heights. Look for an ironing board with a large ironing surface to cater for the different clients that will use your facility. In most cases, an ironing board’s sturdiness is correlated to its price. While the T-leg structure is common, it may not be suitable for a hotel as it is less stable than its 4-legged counterpart. Though the board might already have a factory padding and cover, which you might need to replace. In most cases, this is due to the cover being too thin or the padding’s failure to reflect heat. A portable ironing board is a more suitable option for hotel rooms as they occupy less space.

How to select a wall-mount ironing board holder and iron box holder
A wall-mount ironing board holder for your hotel rooms makes them look organized and tidy. Most of these are available in local hardware stores. However, ensure that your choice is sturdy enough to support the ironing board. In some cases, it comes along with an organizer where the fabric spray, iron, and other supplies are stored. This way, guests can access whatever they need in one convenient place.

What ironing box should you buy?
Most people view ironing as a time-consuming and tedious activity. Your hotel guests are no exception, and most will be looking forward to spending as little time as possible to iron. A steam iron is quicker than its dry counterpart, and it can be used as a dry one while the reverse is impossible. You need to choose an iron box with a heavier soleplate material, one that does not scratch easily and is,thereforeeasy to maintain. A smooth and large soleplate guarantees smooth operation, quality, and quick ironing. Some ironing boxes have an automatic shutoff feature which is imperative to have especiallyif and when your guests forget to power it off after ironing. An ideal ironing box has a wattage of around 1,400 watts, and one with a retractable cord reduces the risk of your guests tripping.

The last thing you need in your hotel ironing supplies is unreliability and inefficiency. Do not refrain from spending a bit more to satisfy your clients as this will be to your facility’s advantage.

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