How to add a stylish touch to your home’s exterior?

When it comes to designing your home and your personal space, people mostly end up thinking about the interior; how practical and family-friendly can it be. The exterior is somewhat ignored, which is illogical considering how your house looks from the outside is the first impression that will last forever on the observer’s mind. If you have been thinking about revamping your home’s exterior lately, then you have landed on the perfect space. Giving your house a stylish look can be troubling at times when it comes to the cost and a plethora of design ideas to choose from.

Worry not, as we have got some of the best solutions lined up here for you.

A Lush Green Lawn is essential

Before you reach the house, take a good look at your yard. It is high time you add some lush greens to it. No matter how small or big a yard you have, there are plenty of plants and flowers that you can easily add. If you already have a landscape, lawn and flower beds, check them for weed and other debris. Plant some good smelling shrubs, one or two new flowery bushes, something which will bring a feeling of spring to your average yard. Opt for some shade-loving plants that you can keep under a few well-situated and stylish Folding Arm Awnings. Don’t forget to maintain the grass in your lawn by mowing it regularly. It would honestly surprise you how greenery inside your home can give your place a pleasant and fresh look.

Add a fence gate

Now that you have a beautiful landscape with some lovely potted plants placed outside your house, you might want to make it look more like a small paradise. The best way to add that heavenly touch is to install a masonry or wooden fence with a stylish gate. This will add the perfect amount of classic coziness to your house. You can even plant an arbor over the wooden or metal gate and decorate with fragrant flowers. Moreover, you can add some light fixtures as well. At night your small garden will look absolutely magical.

Paint it a pretty new color

Painting your house new is pretty much the easiest way to add that wow factor. You can budget the entire thing by doing the painting in phases. First, the door and the trims, then the house shutters and later the accents all over. In the end, paint all the vertical walls in one go, so you have the same shade. Your house will instantly look appealing when you paint all the columns, fences, and if your home is an old one, then a concrete foundation is essential. Choose the colors carefully, so the entire look has a stylish yet cool vibe.

Redo the roof

When it comes to our house’s roof, we usually end up ignoring it until it looks damaged. If your roof looks dingy and old, then it is time for you to upgrade it. First, look for some cool practical options which fulfill the needs of your roof. When you have decided on a price range, browse through the designs and go for something attractive. Make sure the design or style you choose goes well with your entire house’s exterior. The best way to do this is to coordinate the color and architecture of your house, along with the landscape. Consider the roof as your houses’ crown.

Focus on the sidewalk/driveway

When it comes to the sidewalk or the driveway of your house, you might not notice it much, but people visiting your place do see. A beaten-up and old looking sidewalk won’t do your house any good and will simply bring the whole vibe of the house down. If you want to make sure that your home looks appealing, then it is time to redo your entire sidewalk or driveway. Apply the artistic touch of masonry, bricks, or stained concrete to make a gorgeous and durable path.

Get a new door

Since your house door is the entrance to your little world, it must match your sense of style. If you find your door being out of sync with your revamped house, then go for something different and eye-catchy. You can opt for something with solid construction and classic design, or you can go for those new urban doors half made of glass, which allows daylight to pass through. Just make sure that your door looks intimidating but not out of place.

Opt for a covered entrance

Since you want your place to be inviting and warm, it is only fair that the welcoming vibe starts right from the entrance. Add a bit of a cover above the door to make a porch or a place that is safe and dry when it rains. These covered entrances create a really attractive appeal for your house and add some classy characteristics as well. It will require some quality craftsmanship and planning, but the result will be dreamy and picture-perfect.

Revamp the windows

If your window frames have become damaged with time, extra moisture, and nasty stuff like mold have become permanent residents, then you can easily upgrade them instead of replacing them entirely. Just upgrade the wooden or metal material in the frames or add functional shutters, and you will almost have some brand new windows. You can even add a couple of charming window boxes to revamp your tacky windows to something classy. Make sure to paint the window boxes to match the rest of the house, and you will absolutely love how much fancy the place looks without costing a lot.

Add some outdoor décor

If you have some quality yard space in the front and back of the house, you can easily use it to your advantage. Apart from landscaping and adding a lush green lawn, you can get some classic and traditional outdoor furniture. A cozy table with some chairs sounds heavenly when you think about all the lovely evening teas you can have there. Perhaps you can add a stylish bench to your porch with some throws, pillows, and a snug rug in front of your main entrance to make your place more inviting. You can even add fairy lights or hang a traditional style lantern over your doorstep.


As long as you know what you are doing and have creative ideas, your home is going to have the best revamp ever. Plan your upgrades prior, discuss them with the family, and smoothly schedule your repairs to avoid any accidents.

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