5 Great Reasons for Becoming an Electrician

If you are thinking of becoming an electrician but also considering other trades, then you should know how important it is to become an electrician in today’s world. Especially, finding an electrician in Western Suburbs becomes hard at times as there is a rising demand for more electricians. People are always on the lookout for a one-stop specialist for affordable and superior service. Electricity is essential to modern-day life because people can’t live without it. Here are five great reasons for becoming an electrician.

Challenging and interesting work

Dealing with electrics can be a hard job, but if you have great knowledge of practical installation as well as excellent skills in handling electrical things, then you can do it easily.

As an electrician, you need quick thinking to give solutions for issues while making sure that it is appropriate for wiring and building regulations. One day you are performing installation, and the next day you are finding out the faults, by testing or inspecting on an appliance that needs to be amended. This variety and challenge will keep you alert and make sure that no other day is ever the same as before.

Once you learn your trade, you will examine that it is the skill you will see through until the end of your life. This is a sort after skill that your colleagues and friends might be interested in seeking along with your advice and help.

It pays the most of all trades

The average salary expectations for electricians in the year 2015 were discussed in one of the recent blog posts, which stated an average salary for an employed electrician to be £30,172, which has increased by 4.60% from the year 2013.

We can see that this increase is due to the skill shortage in the sector when the skilled workers left the industry for pastures when the recession hit in the year 2008. Thus, electricians left are in short supply but because of the recovery in the market that can also change in upcoming years.

Those who play it smart are the ones who become electricians to supplement their salaries by going self-employed, invest in testing and inspection courses, work overtime, move into an office, and bring management into the office work — moreover becoming approved with a JIB Card after completing a design course in electricity also serves as a key to success.

Hence, if you work hard, you can earn more than the average salary. There are several paths you can go for as there is a career progression accessible for all electricians.

The working environment

Possibly, this is the most tempting part of becoming an electrician. Not every individual is interested in working in offices, writing emails, and signing contracts. If you want to avoid this career path, then becoming an electrician could be for you.

Electricians are often on the move working in several areas and homes. Even electricians who carry out electrical works will likely be on the move from day to day for a single organization.

You are not tied down to the four walls of the office building that allow you to visit a variety of homes and businesses with the same co-workers and strict working hours. It is highly recommended to find out the do’s and don’ts while working in a domestic dwelling. This will help you meet new candidates to trade.

Be your own boss

There are many electricians who are self-employed and manage their own business. If you are interested in starting your own business as an electrician, then it would be an excellent opportunity. You will know a lot more than any electrician when it comes to avoiding electric shocks and fires.

You can be your own boss if you have a business as an electrician. You can work according to your own pace and can also be successful in your business in your own way.

Massive career growth

Becoming an electrician opens so many ways that lead you to a life-long rewarding career. Opportunities and positions range from being a part of this business through engineering roles, middle management, or owning the business at a trade level.

Moreover, many electricians select a specialty that focuses on whether it is construction and building, automation, energy, green energy, solar, or water supply industries. Hence, we can see that the electrical industry is changing with new technologies, so if you are looking for a career as an electrician that is challenging and flexible, then you have chosen a very life-long rewarding career for yourself.

You can easily become a journeyman electrician if you get trained in a proper way. You can work on your own when you become one, where you will be required to repair intricate electrical issues. You can even progress and become a master electrician with additional training and experience.

You can manage other electricians if you are a master electrician who even runs their own business. Electricians are needed everywhere nowadays, which means you can move across the country or stay in your hometown, and you will still be able to find employment.

Working as an electrician is one of the great job opportunities that you will come across. If working as an electrician sounds great to you, then you can start your own business right away.


In the end, electricians are in demand everywhere. Businesses recognize their work. People give respect to electricians because they have specialized knowledge and skillset that the majority of people don’t have.

After all, electrical work requires both knowledgeable and problem-solving skillset along with strong physical labor. You may experience the opportunity for advancement in your career once you choose to be an electrician. The job requires you to experience different settings, both commercial and residential.

This chance to work in different places is one of the best things about being an electrician. In this profession, you don’t have to work at the same place every time. You can be called up to anywhere where the wiring or electrical work is needed to be amended. There will always be a need for people who have the ability to install, sustain, and repair electrical systems.

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