How Productivity and Morale is Affected by a Disorganized, Unclean Workplace

While a business focuses on tangible metrics like sales and expenses, intangible aspects of a company such as an employee health, morale and productivity are often ignored by most companies today.  It is evident that the physical workplace environment plays a significant role and influences employee’s productivity, performance, and well-being.

Regardless of the industry, maintaining a clean office space helps keep your employees safe, healthy, and efficient. By keeping your business space clean and organized, you are ensuring that your employees are healthy and productive and more importantly ready to serve the needs of any client who walks through your doors. A happy employee is a productive employee, and it leaves a far better impression than a worker who has to deal with an unhealthy environment.

The impacts of an unclean office 

According to a study conducted by a national cleaning company, employees in cluttered, unclean, disorganized offices are up to 72% less productive, and about 25% confessed taking sick leave as their surroundings are not clean and made them feel depressed. This stat shows how dirty, messy offices hit businesses where it hurts the most – productivity slips, and missed work days.

Although it may be tempting to put off dusting and office cleaning in St Louis, doing so may negatively impact your employees’ health and even affect performance levels. In fact, the average employee loses 9 working days a year to sickness, some of which is attributed to a lack of workplace hygiene.

A messy workplace isn’t trivial. If not dealt with properly, it can have a detrimental impact on productivity. A business should be looking for ways in which you can get more organized and keep the office clean. If you rely on your in-house employees for commercial cleaning in St Louis, why not consider hiring office cleaning services to reduce the cost and maintain a clean office. Managing your own employees for office cleaning is a costlier affair than outsourcing janitorial services in St Louis MO.

Clean offices are happy offices 

According to a study, about 65% of employees working in a clean and organized atmosphere said they actually looked forward to coming to work, and nearly half felt they worked harder and efficiently. This stat shows how clean, neat offices are happier offices to work. A business owner or manager ought to realize that cleaning services are an investment, not a cost as effective cleaners bring a significant return.

Most of the employees consider their office like a second home, so focus your efforts on office cleaning in St Louis. By keeping the environment clean and hygienic, you are allowing your workforce to be efficient, productive, and more importantly, happy.

An average employee spends more than 8 hours a day in the office. So make sure your employees are comfortable while doing their jobs. Let the professionals handle office cleaning so that you can concentrate on the other core activities of your business and create a comfortable workplace environment for your employees.

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