How do I keep my house cool during the summer months?

Summers in the country can be quite tough – not just when you are outside but also inside the house. With more frequent heat waves hitting the country, it has become all the more important to protect oneself when in the close constraints of their own house. One of the solutions is to do a roof coating. This significantly reduces the heat transfer into the house. It not only helps with providing a protective cover for heat but also prevents against leaks during the rainy season. Another added benefit is that you can change the way your roof and, hence, your house looks.

Ways to coat the roof to prevent the house

The coating can be done on any kind of roof – from metal to ply to polyurethane, whatever is being used in the building industry these days. Like the materials it can be used on, it also comes in a variety to forms and types. These could be reflective (in white or aluminum coating), asphalt-based emulsions, solvent-based emulsions, silicone based and acrylic based coatings – each with its own benefits.

Benefits of various types of roofing options

Solvent-based is considered to be the best because they are bio-degradable and thus, good for the environment. Itcan also protect against standing or pooled water and can be used on almost all surfaces. On the other hand, asphalt-based coatings provide extra strength to the roof and are easy to install owing to the easy availability of materials and quick coating.

Acrylic coatings are available in a variety of colors but are more commonly used as white reflective ones owing to its high demand. It is more durable and in cost-effective and can be applied either with spray or rolls. Solvent-based asphalt coatings are one of the lesser used coatings owing to high asbestos content but are easy to apply.

Making the final decision

The final decision, however, to pick between coatings depends not only on the availability of the raw materials but on the budget as well as on the location where these need to be put as each has its own reflective properties.

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