4 Essential Electrical Upgrades That Your Kitchen Might Need

Renovating your home can be exciting but you’ll need to take into account some very important electrical upgrades as well, hire a professional electrician for the best solution because electrical work is not a DIY kind of thing. If it’s only the bathroom or kitchen you’re planning to renovate, you’ll need taking into account all electrical constituents of your house first.

Without a doubt, a custom kitchen renovation is one of the most popular home upgrades whether you want to boost your home’s overall value or augment the appearance and ergonomics of your kitchen. Regardless of your reasoning, it pays to look into the following vital upgrades for your kitchen’s electrical renovation.


It is obligatory to equip all residential outlets with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlet whether the property is newly built or renovated (in effect from 2014). This GFCI are electrical safety devices aimed at averting electrical fires from occurring due to tripping breakers or outlets that are not working properly. When you upgrade to GFCI outlets, it will immensely enhance the safety of your home and family and boost your property’s overall worth.


The kitchen should have good lighting installation in place but the capability to dim the lights can be quite handy when you’re planning a romantic dinner or you’re cooking with a headache. These days, you have a variety of bulbs to pick from, which includes CFL and LED. Remember a bulb should have the capability to dim if you plan to pair it with a light switch that is dimmable.


Even the largest kitchen may appear small due to inadequate illumination. A well-lit space will not only create an illusion of more space but also will bring a feeling of tenderness and openness into your kitchen.

If you have extended your kitchen size of late then we recommend the inclusion of accent lighting in spaces that are greatly used such as above the kitchen table, above the countertops and above the stove. For frequently used spaces, recessed down lights are an excellent choice! Recessed down lights’ high lumen output is commendable considering its overall competence and cost-effectiveness.


Data ports, a modern-day innovation that is installed in one corner of your kitchen space, will help you directly plug in your Smartphone, iPad etc. without an adapter, which will surely prove to be quite handy for those tech-savvy cooks. Today, most of the devices require some type of USB connectivity, which makes them common in the same way as usual electrical plugs. That means, in all probability USB data wiring may become the standard in kitchen electrical systems in the foreseeable future. Therefore, if you’re upgrading your kitchen’s electrical systems, ensure installing data ports – it may also increase the value of your home, which will be a bonus!

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Well, above upgrades will significantly augment the safety, functionality and look of your entire kitchen irrespective of whether you want to perform a kitchen overhaul to increase the practicality and aesthetics of your kitchen or boost the value of your property. Regardless of the size of the job i.e. small or big, you need to call a certified electrician to carry out electrical works inside your property, as here in Australia, it is illegal and hazardous to execute electrical work all by yourself.

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