How a Pool Table Can Make a Luxury Home

A pool table is usually a purchase you might associate with a games room or a ‘man cave’ and not a designer or a luxury home. A home that is put together and curated with love, care and attention. And, without wishing to stereotype unduly, it’s normally the female of the species that is more deadly than the male, when it comes to making a beautiful home a luxury home. So, can there be a best of both worlds? Are a games room and a designer living room mutually exclusive? We don’t think they need to be and here’s why.

A designer pool table with tabletop

That’s right, a pool table can be disguised with a tabletop. If you are a pool aficionado you may have noticed that a standard pool table in a local pool hall or pub will be the same height as your standard dining room table. So, if you are not limited by space in your dining room (full-size pool tables are big!) this could be the perfect option for the designer home and the pool nut. A designer pool table with a tabletop can be the perfect place to host a luxe dinner party and also host a pool party.

Quality that is built to last

When you buy a luxury pool table you are often buying a high-quality piece of furniture produced by an artisan. The wood is often made using oak or beech and can be fashioned in a unique and personal way which looks equally at home when being used for a pool tournament or at a party with friends.

A sustainable investment

The sea is full of unwanted throw away junk and our landfill sites are getting busier. Our ‘here today in the trash tomorrow’ way of consuming furniture and other leisure goods for our homes is simply unsustainable. Many designer pool tables will be made with wood that comes from sustainable forests (for every tree felled another is planted).


OK, you have a beautiful table but, after all, it is meant to be a pool table as well. So what is a luxury pool table like to play on? And, let’s be honest buying a luxury pool table is quite an investment, so you’ll need to make sure it not only looks well but plays well too. So, you can rest assured that when you invest in a luxury pool table you will be getting state-of-the-art gameplay as well as something that looks beautiful. When looking for a high-end pool table these are the questions you should be asking the vendor: Is it made using computer slate levelling? The tolerance for imperfection should be less than 0.02mm per metre. Are the cushions tournament-grade? After all you want a professional level of playability on such an expensive piece of kit.


Remember this purchase is about marrying the dual desires of a beautiful, designer home with an amazing pool table, so you need to make sure the materials used to create the table will match the aspiration for the home. First of all think about the length and width of your room. An entry level designer pool table will be at least six feet (2 meters) in length. Is your dining room large enough to comfortably accommodate it? Next up, materials. Many luxury pool tables will come as single pieces of wood and, by default, will be varnished to bring out the natural qualities of the material. The drawback here could be that this might not fit with the person who wants the ultra modern look and feel to their luxury dining room.

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