Glass Mosaic Tiles For Swimming Pools

When the summer is right around the corner, the swimming pool becomes the ultimate destination to unwind. We can rejuvenate, relax our body and mind, and even meditate too. Or if you are planning to have a nice pool party with your friends, it is a great idea as well. Therefore, a carefully designed swimming pool will always hit the right mood.

Many Americans have started turning to glass pool tiles and have abandoned the concept of pebbles and plaster surfaces. They render quite an exotic look, which is only one of the many reasons. Moreover, glass pool tiles are known for their excellent durability as they can resist chemical corrosion and other potential damages caused by temperature changes. Consequently, glass pool tiles also last longer compared to other pool surface materials such as fiberglass and plastic.

The swimming pool serves as an ornament to your backyard. Choosing the right glass pool tiles not only elevates the beauty of it but also ensures that it lasts much longer. Additionally, glass pool tiles also possess reflective qualities that make your pool appear quite larger. You can fix them anywhere you want- the steps, the shallow end, the entire pool- and it will give a great dimension to your swimming pool. 

While you are planning to renovate your pool with swimming pool tiles, you have to consider a few factors such as your favorite color, texture, design, easy installation, and, most importantly, the quality. We have tried to compile a handful of swimming pool tiles that will help you get started with.

Teardrop glossy glass mosaic tile

This uniquely shaped swimming pool glass mosaic tile, inspired by teardrops, will render a beautiful look to your backyard pool. The hand-molded glass mosaic is created by pouring clear, hot glass into molds that create round and fine edges. These are then colored with soft shades such as beige and light blue color that will complement the mood. The finishing of this swimming pool glass mosaic tile is glossy, and they are also available in a variety of colors such as gray, blue, green, and blend. Thus, it is perfect to create a dreamy ambiance in your swimming pool.

Modular glossy glass mosaic tile

This swimming pool glass mosaic tile features a unique design and clean and crisp look that is great for not only pools, but also kitchen backsplash, bathrooms, fireplaces, and feature walls. They are available in multiple shades of blue that lets you combine and mix with other tiles to create a statement. They have a variety of different soft shades, too, such as beige and white. Moreover, you also get very many patters of these swimming pool tiles to choose from, such as linear, square, hexagon, and many more. Now, renovating your swimming pool would be a lot more fun.

Stacked squares glossy glass mosaic tiles

This beautiful swimming pool glass mosaic tile is among some of the classic ones. You can use it in any wet areas, which includes swimming pools, and even fireplaces and outside spaces. The swimming pool tiles come in myriad colors for you to select from, such as the classic white, black, teal, orange, red, blue, yellow, and lot more. Moreover, if you want, you can also combine the colors and give it a dynamic and vibrant look.

Contemporary puzzle pieces glossy glass mosaic tiles

Now you can add a vibrant and bold, colorful dimension to your pool with these swimming pool glass mosaic tiles that feature a unique puzzle design. They are also available in many vibrant colors such as green, red and white, black and gray, and a combination of black, red, and white. The contemporary interlock pattern is inspired by the art deco design so that you can be as creative with the installation of the tiles in your pool as possible.


Mosaic Tile Outlet has a wide range of tiles, colors, patterns, textures, and styles for you to suit your taste. So if you have decided to transform your swimming pool, we have you covered. Whether your style is simple, modern, traditional, or contemporary, it has everything to fit your style.

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