Get A Beautiful New Driveway Just In Time For Spring

Driveways are, perhaps, the most overworked part of your home and are invariably prone to a great deal of wear and tear. With spring on its way, the thaw is fast-approaching, which means whatever damage lies in wait beneath your snow-covered property is bound to rear its ugly head in the not-too-distant future. No doubt, snowy weather – coupled with the constant movement of cars, kids playing winter sports, and people walking about – is bound to have made some sort of impression on your driveway’s concrete surface.

If your driveway is in bad shape, it might be time to consider replacing it, or at least conducting a cosmetic overhaul. In this way, it’s important to think about going to a reliable company that has experienced professionals so they can properly guide you. With the right experts on your side, undertaking a driveway redesign doesn’t have to be a daunting task, but rather, an exciting venture in beautifying your home and, ultimately, increasing the value of your property; for example, Elite Concrete is a reputable company to look into (particularly if you’re in the Greater Toronto Area), given their many years of experience as contractors and connoisseurs of stamped concretes and decorative concretes of many kinds.

Nevertheless, before you arrive at any kind of decision, it is certainly beneficial to run through the exigencies that such an endeavor will necessitate of any given homeowner. Indeed, it’s vital to contemplate everything from materials to construction timelines. Though asphalt and gravel might be good options for driveways, concrete is perhaps one’s best bet when it comes to cost-efficient and aesthetically-pleasing options for the everyday homeowner.

Concrete driveways are more environmentally favorable, given their sustainable makeup; they are, for the most part, made up of water, sand, rocks, and cement, which tend to decay without any causing any significant damage to the ecosystem. Most concrete comes from recycled sources, offering far less wastage; the benefits, to be sure, differ from concrete to concrete.

Concrete driveways on average last longer than other forms of driveways but they can be made to last longer if they are sealed. On average, they can last well up to thirty years with minimal maintenance. This should be done by experienced professionals who know what works for the climate that you live in.

After the concrete is poured into the driveway it takes a couple of days before it can be used. It is best to seal the driveway after it dries. Water can cause damage to the driveway if it freezes, thereby freezing the concrete. When it thaws it can cause the driveway to crack because of the holes it leaves when it thaws out. The best way to protect against this is by sealing it, which is typically cost-effective and simple to do one one’s own. Indeed, it can be done quite quickly, even before the winter thaw negatively impacts your driveway.

After the driveway is cured for 30 days then apply the sealer. The sealer is just poured on and you can use a brush or broom to apply it on the driveway. This is a simple step that gives the best protection for your concrete driveway for years to come. You can also add beautiful patterns with stain colors that add a great look to the driveway. The colors lock on to the concrete and don’t peel off or fade after they have dried, despite the wear and tear that your driveway will no doubt incur.

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