Fuss-Free Guide To Changing Your Electricity Retailer

The most recent phase of the Open Electricity market (OEM) rollout has seen the east side of Singapore (i.e. those with postal codes starting with 34 – 52, and 81) reaping the benefits of a liberalised electricity market.

For those who have yet to change their electricity retailer or anticipating the OEM as it has not extended to their area, do not be alarmed. Although it isn’t compulsory to change, nor does it have a deadline, there might be confusions as to how one should go about doing it.

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If you are thinking of switching from SP Group, we’ve got you covered.

1. Checking status

First and foremost, make sure you are a contestable customer who is eligible to change to another electricity retailer.

2. Document preparations

Thereafter, make sure that you have all the required documents with you before engaging with your preferred retailer. The documents needed are:

– The NRIC of an individual, who is signing the contract.
– Recent SP bill.
– If the person is not a current account holder, SP account holder NRIC is required.
– Credit or debit card for paying the deposit (if needed).

3. Proceed to a comparison site to compare plans and prices

As there are over 50 plans from 13 electricity retailers, you will have to compare the plans of different retailers and then choose one that suits your electricity consumption pattern and other preferences.

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4. Create an account and input the required details
Visit the website of your chosen retailer to sign up for an account. During this stage of the switch, personal particulars such as name, NRIC, address and average monthly consumption of electricity would be asked so that the retailer can engage with you accordingly in the future.

5. Seal the deal
Lastly, complete the provided contract and make the payment.

Now that all of these are settled, you might have some lingering questions about the operational processes and complications that might come after the switch. Don’t worry, we are here to answer your questions.

Does switching providers mean a disrupted electricity supply?
Not at all! You will continue to receive a steady electricity supply during the entire process. Electricity will still be delivered through the reliable national grid operated by SP Group. The process of switching is purely administrative and there will be no interruptions to your electricity supply.

When does my new contracted plan start?
It will take two weeks for your new electricity retailer to contact your old one to agree on a switchover date. Therefore, the switch is not immediate. As stressed earlier, your electricity supply will be constant throughout this process.

If you’re worried about getting billed twice then rest assured that you don’t have to bear any extra charges during the switch. Both your old and new suppliers will agree on a date and settle the bills accordingly; everything will be convenient and fuss-free.

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Lastly, what can I do if I’m unsatisfied with my new supplier?
If you aren’t satisfied with your new supplier, you can always revert back to SP Group at a regulated tariff or the other 12 retailers. Before changing to a new electricity retailer, make sure you read the contract’s terms and conditions as a prematurely cancelled contract might incur extra charges.

Thirteen companies are now retailing electricity in Singapore’s OEM, utilise this guide to facilitate your switching journey.

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