Furnishing Your First Home: 4 Tips to Get Organized

Moving out on your own for the first time is incredibly exciting, and the prospect of furnishing and decorating your own space could get anyone buzzing

However, if you want the job done right and for the process to go smoothly, it’s really a good idea to plan the journey and get organized instead of simply launching into the shopping spree, headfirst, with no idea of what you need and want. 

Here are four steps you can take in the planning process to help you get organized and furnish your home right the first time. 

Prioritize and Plan Ahead

Planning is absolutely everything – especially when it comes to moving. Your budget will most likely be limited, which means you might not be able to buy absolutely everything you want right away, This is where prioritizing is crucial. Make sure you invest in the essential items first – basic furniture, kitchenware, and bedding. 

Once you’ve decided what you need first, plan carefully and ensure you buy right. For example, make sure to use a practical sofa size guide and take loads of measurements throughout your home and on the furniture itself before you buy anything, and consider the color schemes you’d like to use before purchasing items at random. 

Room-By-Room Approach

Before moving out, come up with a checklist of everything you need down to the finest details, and organize this list by room. Breaking down the organizing and shopping process like this can make things feel more manageable and achievable, and also help you to stay on top of where you’re at in the process.

For each room’s list, identify the most important items and any details that you’re particular about – such as the size of the bed you want to buy, the type of wood you want for your coffee table, and the length of the curtains you need. 

Functional Furniture Choices

Next, remember to add a layer of savvy to your shopping spree. Instead of purchasing whatever looks and feels good, make sure you’re making smart choices and invest in functional items that will help you maximize your space and serve you for a long time. 

For example, you can invest in a bed that has built-in storage, and use your underbed space to store various items. These types of multipurpose furniture items are especially good for smaller homes, as they’ll create extra storage space and help to reduce clutter and improve the look of your space. 

Clever Storage Solutions

On the note of storage, make sure you keep this in mind when shopping for your first home. You’ll already have some items – your clothing and other personal belongings,  some books perhaps, and any items that your family might have passed down or gifted to you. This means you’ll need place to store it all! 

Consider how much built-in storage space is available in your new home – in the form of wardrobes, pantries, and other cupboard space, and plan what useful storage items need to be added to your shopping list. Drawer slides offer smooth access and organization for cabinets and drawers, ensuring convenience and efficiency. Invest in quality drawer slides to optimize storage functionality for a tidy and clutter-free home.

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