Five Reasons for Installing Shade Sails

Modern technology has blessed us with a lot of things. The ability to customize our houses according to our needs is one of them. One such customization that allows us to transform our outdoor spaces entirely involves the use of shade sails.

Before the invention of sail shades, people could not choose when they wanted an outdoor covering and when they didn’t. Getting an outdoor shade was a permanent decision, one that could not be amended according to your requirements. For this reason, the introduction of shade sails in the market has completely changed our outdoor spaces.

Sail shades are devices whose technology is based on the sail of a ship. They include a flexible membrane which is stationed between several anchor points for the mechanism of the shade to work. While they are a relatively new technology, these commercial shade sails have their origin set in ancient times. The ancient Egyptians can be referred to as the founding fathers of this technology as they often used large pieces of fabric to cover their spaces, with the same technique being used later on by the Greeks and the Romans.

Shade sails carry some great benefits. If you are looking for any sort of shade for your outdoor area, here are five reasons you should give shade sails serious consideration:

#1 An Environmentally-Friendly Option

If you are looking to reduce your environmental impact through your actions, then sail shades are the best option for you. Compared to other types of outdoor shades, sail shades are a far more environmentally-friendly choice. They are almost always made of recycled materials so even in the production stage, these shades make sure to put as little strain on the environment as possible.

Secondly, if you are installing a sail shade in your house, then you won’t need to build other wooden extensions, thus saving valuable resources. It also drastically reduces your power costs. Shade sails are not just good for providing you protection from the harsh rays of the sun during summer months; since they protect your house from the heat, the temperatures inside and outside the house remain relatively cool, cutting down on electricity bills. As the house has naturally cooled down, you won’t have to spend all that extra money on using air conditioners for the same purpose.

#2 Provide Protection from the Sun

One of the main reasons for installing sail shades in your house is to provide protection to your house and the people living in it. Exposure to the sun for prolonged periods of time can result in a variety of illnesses and diseases. With the sail shade, you are ensuring that you and your family remain safe and sound during the summer months.

With the installation of this shade, you can continue to lounge in your verandas and let the light filter into your open plan rooms without worrying about the effect on your health. These shades let you enjoy the sun while protecting you from it at the same time. They can also come in handy when the weather takes a turn for the worse — your property will stay safe and dry during rain showers due to the presence of these shades.

#3 Make your space look appealing

Another great advantage of a shade sail is that it can instantly transform the look of any space. Adding it to your property will make it look extremely modern and chic. When it comes to shade sails, there are a lot of different options available, allowing you to choose one according to your liking. You can get them in any color you want and you can even for patterned ones for an artistic look.

Any increase in the aesthetic value of your property ultimately affects its financial value. A well-maintained shade sail is likely to increase the value of your home.

#4 Cost-effective solution

You would think that something as amazing as a shade sail would leave a huge dent in your pocket but it is actually an extremely cost-effective option. If not for these shades, you would have to resort to other options for covering your space like wood shelters, steel structures, framed covers, etc. Each of these other options is more expensive than shade sails.

If you are looking for a way to transform your property or change the look of it, then shade sails are the most inexpensive way to do it. Not only are these shades protecting you from harm but they are also protecting your property from sun damage. The sun rays can prove detrimental to everything from furniture to cars that are parked in direct view of the sun. These shades block those rays so that your property and assets retain their value.

#5 Easy to set up and remove

The most amazing part about sail shades is that they are a temporary option that can be utilized for as long as you want. Since there are so cost-effective and so easy to set up, you can get them removed anytime you wish to do so. If you feel like you have outgrown their use or that they are not adding the value you want to your property, you can easily remove them and restore your property to its former setting.

The material that is used in shade sails is called polyethylene filament, which is considered a highly durable material. It has been said that this material lasts for at least ten years so if you want to keep up the shade for a long period of time, you can do so without worrying about deterioration.


If you haven’t done anything to protect your outdoor area or more importantly yourself while you enjoy nature, it is time you do. Don’t let your family and property suffer the cost of the sun shining on them. Get a shade sail now to make your life infinitely better.


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