Factors to consider while removing a tree from your vicinity

In today’s time when everyone tries to learn the methods to conserve trees, going for tree removal can be a really emotional and difficult task. Trees are the part of this beautiful nature that provides ample benefits to life on earth. Not only they, add beauty to the environment but help in giving us food, shelter, medicines, fruits, gum, latex, rubber, drugs, and so many other things. Needless to mention, this green beauty protects the property and increases its sale value too. Planting a tree in your house makes you emotionally attached to the tree. So, it is extremely difficult to take the decision to remove a tree from your vicinity but when any tree is a risk for property and family living inside, then one should call for service of for Tree removal Toronto.

Consider the following factors when you decide to remove the tree:

1)    The health of the tree: This single factor can alone decide whether you should remove the tree or not. An unhealthy tree has thin leaves, discolored foliage, the peculiar shape of the trunk and leaves, and stunted growth. In case of infection, more than half of the tree will show these signs. Call for a professional arborist to be sure that tree can’t be revived and is to be removed now.

2)    Wounded Trunk: Even is the tree seems surviving, the unhealthy truck is the sign of internal decay. An unhealthy trunk develops cavities, cracks, wounds, and splits. Usually, trees with multiple trunks develop this problem. Such trunks can topple anytime causing damage to property and life.

3)    Dead branches on trees: If the half of the tree is full of dead branches then, you should ask for tree removal before it falls and causes damage.

4)    Infected roots: Healthy roots are important for the proper growth of the plant. Heaving soil, termites and fungal growth near the tree base are the signs of infected roots. Also, a leaning tree means infected roots, That ree now no longer remain firmly on the ground. Under such circumstances, it is always better to remove the tree as a precaution.

5)    Smaller branches near the tree base: Small sprouts growing at the base of the tree is a symbol of tree stress. This stress can be due to injury caused by the tree due to construction happening nearby, or an excavation that has happened in the near past or due to dry soil or compact soil. But, this doesn’t mean that the entire tree should be removed immediately from the base. Look for the fungus growth and apply the treatment first. If the spray doesn’t work and the fungus continues to spread, this means that the roots have been infected and rotten from inside. Then, it will be a wise decision to remove the tree.

6)    The tree under hydro and power lines: This can life-threatening and touching such tree can be fatal. Call a professional tree removal Toronto to remove such trees.

7)    Trees on the rooftop: Any tree which comes on the rooftop, then it should be pruned.

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