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If you do not know how to maintain the ceilings, we will teach you. Whatever the material of the roof of your house, wood, tiles, asphalt, slate roofing there is a solution to improve the conditions of your home. Do not let that tedious leak take its toll on your property, or let the deterioration of the materials put your family at risk.

Types of roofs for houses

If you are thinking of building from scratch or remodeling your home, here we will tell you what the options to change the roof are. In Spain the following types of roofs are very common. The Wirral roofer is the best person to take care of these matters.

Flat roofs for modern houses

The houses with marked straight lines with walls in neutral tones are the ones that go most with the flat roofs. These reinforce the minimalist style of the facade of your house, and give it an avant-garde touch.

Among the advantages of installing a roof in this way we have to:

Cleaning is very easy: as it is a flat roof, there is no risk in cleaning it. So you do not need to call an expert for maintenance.

Gable roofs for rainy areas

It is ideal for the winter season or locations of abundant rainfall. The roofs of two waters are those that are composed of two large folds or skirts that meet in the middle forming a large triangle. The opening or closing of this will depend on how often it snows or rains.

That is why we see houses in the shape of triangles in frozen spaces, since their roofs go from the ground to a cusp where they meet. If this is the case, the gable roofs are suitable for your home, which will provide the following advantages: temperature control, savings in construction costs and modernity.

Asphalt shingle, easy installation

For the reform of houses in Madrid it is advisable to tile asphalt for roofs. Its substance contains granule and asphalt laminate together with other resistant materials. And, it is a type of economic ceiling and easy to install. There are fiberglass and organic asphalt shingles, whichever you choose, if you are good at building it yourself, you could place it.

Wooden tiles for country style

Even if you’re in town, you can have a country-style house with just a wooden tile roof. It is rare to see homes with this aspect, but in interior design it is a tendency to decorate with a country style.

Slate tiles for all types of weather

For countries with four climatic seasons, the most advisable for their homes is that they have slate roofs. This type of tile is conducive to resist all climatic aggressions, they do not need to be maintained and they have a lot of durability.

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