Everything You Need To Know To Hire a Skip Bin in Perth

Waste is an unfortunate but unavoidable part of our daily lives. Whether it be unnecessary items piling up around your home, a small DIY renovation job at home, or a thorough spring clean, we all need to dispose of waste in an effective and safe manner. At one stage or another you will need to hire  skip bins Perth, and this article is aimed at helping you to understand the essentials before you choose a skip bin for your needs.

What type of job is the skip bin for?

This is the key first question to ask yourself before hiring a skip bin in Perth. Assess the nature of the job you need the skip bin for to see how much waste you think you’ll produce, as well as the types of materials you’ll likely be disposing of. Certain materials may not be suitable for a skip bin, so you need to ensure that you are hiring the right waste disposal service to match your needs.  Each job has its own unique requirements, particularly if you’re disposing of residential waste, so always explain the purpose behind the hire of a skip bin to a waste disposal expert.

What size skip bin will be best for the job?

Once you’ve determined the purpose behind the skip, you’ll have a pretty good understanding of the size of the bin that you require. Skip bins in Perth are usually measured by cubic metres, with a standard 3m3 skip holding the equivalent of roughly 13 wheelie bins worth of waste.

Once you’ve identified the amount of waste you have or think you will have, you can match this to a suitably sized skip bin. Try and overcompensate, as if you have a bin that is overfilled and breaches the weight limit, you’ll be charged an additional fee. If in doubt, you can speak to the waste disposal experts, or alternatively just go for the next skip bin size up to avoid any unnecessary costs or embarrassment.

How long do you need the skip bin for?

This is again dependent on the size of your job. Most services will offer a one week base rate on their skip bin hire prices, with any length of time after that requiring an additional fee. It is important to discuss the appropriate length of time with the waste disposal organisation as they can give you a full quote from the beginning of the price for the time period that you need.

Where can you hire a skip bin in Perth?

There are a number of different companies to choose from when looking at hiring a skip bin in Perth. It’s always best to consult their websites to see if they provide up front and transparent pricing on the different sized skip options they provide. Some may even have an online tool where you can assess what skip bins are available in your area. Once you are happy with the sizing and pricing of the skip bin that you require, you can contact the most suitable firm for the job. Always make sure you receive a full quote prior to hiring a skip, as you don’t want to come across any hidden fees when you’re paying the bill later on.

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