Evaluate Elevator Safety Promptly

A ‘wait and see’ approach is never the best cause of action when it comes to elevator safety issues. The risk associated with using a malfunctioning elevator is too high. As a business/company or an owner of a commercial/residential property, an unsafe elevator renders you liable for a lawsuit.

Elevators, both new and old are prone to safety issues. One of the main safety concerns is a crack in the concrete which mostly leads to leaking of the elevator shaft. The presence of water in an elevator can have adverse effects on your routine operations. And this is why it should be repaired as soon as possible.

Our elevator shaft concrete repair team is well experienced in remedying this problem and we use proven techniques to not only remove water from your elevator but also seal the cracks in the concrete. We handle all types of concrete elevator shaft repairs. And even though these different types require specific repair techniques. Our experienced technicians are familiar with all these and will restore your elevator to its normal state in the shortest time possible.

Why Does the Concrete Crack and How It Happens?

As you may know, elevator pits are built underground. And as a result, they are prone to getting filled up with water. The water can be due to the accumulation of moisture, rainwater or even broken pipes. Irrespective of the cause, it is this water that causes the concrete to crack, thus letting water in.

But Why Should You Repair a Cracked Elevator Concrete Shaft Immediately?

1.   Failure to repair a leaky pit can lead to flooding of the entire elevator shaft, causing much inconvenience to your business or tenants.

2.   If it is mandatory for your property to have an operating elevator, having one with a cracked concrete can force you to shut the property.

3.   Progressive water damage requires excavations which are expensive and time-consuming.

All the above are valid reasons why you should have an elevator shaft concrete repair as soon as you notice water leaks. The longer you wait, the more the water damages your pit as well as the elevator. Contact us today if you want your repair to be done by a certified and skilled specialist. We are more than happy to offer our consultation services whenever need be. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

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